Battery life? - Martin Wall
How long should a car battery last? The one in my Japanese hatchback is 4 years old and I've noticed some starting problems can I check if it's a battery problem?
Re: Battery life? - richard turpin
Seems to depend on the quality of the battery in the first place. I'm on year 7 in a Previa. Also depends on regular use. Long periods inactive seems to ruin them. I think you can check the "specific gravity" with a cheap device with a rubber bulb on one end. What I do know is that it's always the cell at the positive that goes first. On older batteries with exposed bridges, you could by pass that cell and have 10 good volts!
Re: Battery life? - Stuart B

There are a lot of answers on battery faqs here -->

Also this guys site contains lots of links to the battery manufacturers sites which have similar topics.
It tells you in mind numbing detail EXACTLY how to test your battery and even apply temperature correction factors.

IMHO if your battery is 4 years old and as the weather gets colder you begin to see starting ie cranking problems then a quick check might just be worthwhile in convincing you to change.

Re: Battery life? - Bill Doodson

Stuarts right, as soon as I get any sign of a slowdown in crank speed, as long as the alternator is ok, I get a new battery. Having had the man at the battery shop put his load resistor over it. 60 quid for peace of mind at the expensive end 35 at the bottom end.

Re: Battery life? - Mike Jacobs
Highly recommended is the AC Delco Freedom brand, which is maintenance free and reliable. I bought one. Avoid the cheap crap at the fast fits.
Regards, Mike.
Re: Battery life? - Marc
I'd also recommend Exide and Bosch batteries. Regular use is the key mind
Re: Battery life? - David Bell
Costco Warehouses sell AC Delco Freedom from £35 last time I was in so they needn't be expensive.

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