Leaking Volvo - Andrew
My colleague runs a Volvo 340 G Reg with 130,000 on the clock. He is having considerable problems with a leaking cooling system which a main Volvo dealer has been trying to resolve over 2 months - so far unsuccessfully. They have various ideas as to what may be wrong including a cracked cylinder head and a leaking bore liner (gasket). Apart from anyone's observation, would the cracked cylinder head be noticeable before or when they changed the head gasket? The engine has been pressure tested.
Re: Leaking Volvo - mike harvey
You would certainly hope to spot a cracked head, and an experienced and competent engineer would inspect very carefully before re-assembly to avoid such problems. Same too with the liners. Is this the Renault engined wet liner engine? If so the liners should stick proud of the block a specific amount, and if not, certain head gasket failure is almost instant. Just a thought, isn't the car a bit old for main dealer repairs at £50 or £60 an hour, and are the dealers aware of this and not spending enough time or expertise on it? You may be better advising your friend to go to a smaller independant if you can get a recommendation.
Re: Leaking Volvo - ladas are cool
i had my volvo 340 clutch done at a main dealer, he fitted a none original part, and one week after he fitted it, it broke, so after about a month of complaining he finally fitted an original part, but i had bought a citroen bx to replace the volvo, so i now have both cars. i never use a main dealer now :-(

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