whats wrong with Xsara clutch? - xsaradriver
Not sure if it\'s the clutch. Got in today and car just doesn\'t go. When in any first three gears car revs like clutch down but once over 30 runs ok but starts to over rev when accelerating. Could this be the clutch or something else if the clutch how costly ?????????????
whats wrong with my car??????????? - Dynamic Dave
You've not mentioned what car. Are we to presume it's a Xsara?

If so, then I'll edit the subject header later so that it's not quite so vague as to what question you're asking.
whats wrong with my car??????????? - Cyd
Sounds very much like the clutch is slipping. Time for a new one. Anywhere from £200 to £400 depending on where you go, how difficult a job it is in your car etc etc.

Be worth having it checked over by a "friendly" mechanic though, if you have one. It could be something has broken in the clutch actuating mechanism.
whats wrong with my car??????????? - madf
If - as I suspect by your nickname - it\'s made by Peugeot/Citroen - then that is your answer:-)


whats wrong with my car??????????? - Hawesy1982
Yep sounds like a slipping clutch to me, had the same problem in a 1.1 Fiesta the other week - £260 all in to replace. My tip for driving it before you get it changed (which should be as little as possible) is to go to high revs in each gear before changing up - the clutch is less likely to slip this way
whats wrong with my car??????????? - Ben79
Could it be the clutch cable making the clutch slip? The Xsara cables are routed by the exhaust and can dry out.

Has the clutch been getting heavier or has the biting point moved fairly quickly?

You don't want to have to buy a new clutch because of a £60 (fitted) cable.

If you have a HDI, there isn't a clutch cable as they are hydraulic.
whats wrong with my car??????????? - xsaradriver
Biting point indiscernable now just can't feel it like i used to car is s reg xsara x. Took it in needs new clutch. Just gotta pay up bit of a blow over xmas, glad off work to sort it. Thanks for all your info, one last question what is the average lifespan of a clutch my one done shade under 50,000mls?
whats wrong with my car??????????? - DL
50K IMO is premature....but it depends where/how it has been (ab)used.
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