reasons to be cheerful - El Hacko
there's so much doom and gloom about ...
for us, tears have turned to relief and great joy here in Hacko Hacienda:
the family's 9 year old boxer dog seems to be picking up nicely after 3 Christmas days in the vet's tender care with serious blood disorder.
anyone else got good news to share?
reasons to be cheerful - Dynamic Dave
El Hacko,

Glad to hear your dog is on the mend, but *please* try to keep subjects connected to motoring.
reasons to be cheerful - El Hacko
sorry - he does like being in cars, tho!
and has special mat....
reasons to be cheerful - Phil I
Good news about the K9. Presume mat has Go Faster motif(v.faint motoring connection) :-)
reasons to be cheerful - Phil I
Sri abt spelling error DD s/b feint of course. (too early in the day really I suppose for me.)
reasons to be cheerful - BobbyG
Is the dogs name Rover? If so, don't tell Phoenicks or 3500S !!
reasons to be cheerful - El Hacko
In fact, it's beautifully barmy, boisterous Buster - but come on...
my idea here was to start a Good News thread, with motoring connections, of course!
reasons to be cheerful - No Do$h
My Alfa hasn't broken down since the last time (and that was a fluke accident rather than a mechanical failure). How's that for good motoring news?

24,000 miles in one year in an Alfa...... Who wants to give odds on similar good fortune next year?
reasons to be cheerful - Robbie
I'll be getting my new Accord Diesel Tourer after 1st March - 04 plate.
reasons to be cheerful - El Hacko
ain 't it so sad that such great looking cars (Alfas) cannot, historically, be relied upon to keep going - I'd love to look at one with a viewe to buy, but am completely put off by the reputation. New Golf is attracting me for 2004.
reasons to be cheerful - No Do$h
What, would that be the Golf with the dreadful reliability from the manufacturer that would like you to believe their product is better than average, but isn't?

I would think twice about a 147 but the 156 is pretty sorted these days. So they're due to replace it {gulp} so all the problems associated with a new model can start all over again.

Ah well. Perhaps I won't get a 157/8 Sportwagon 4x4 in 2005 (when I plan to next change car) and will spend the money on something sensible like a used X5 3.0TD or a ML270CDi instead.
reasons to be cheerful - BazzaBear {P}
I'd rather the Alfa with the reputation for unreliability than the Golf with the same reputation.
Actually, when you get right down to it, I'd prefer the unreliable Alfa to a reliable Golf, if the fabled un-breakdown-able Golf actually existed.
Get some excitement in your life, get an Alfa ;)
BTW (as if you hadn't guessed), I have an Alfa, a 145. She's 5 years old, I've had her for 18 months, and I've only had one problem (aside from wear and tear items like brake pads) which set me back £100. Would have been free if the warrantee people had honoured their agreement, but that's another story.
Completely aside from reliability though, she makes you feel great every time you see her, and every time you drive her.
reasons to be cheerful - El Hacko
sorry BB, guess you're a born romantic (thought I was) but when I read in HJ's Car-by-Car Breakdown abt Alfas' unreliability, I just cannot bring myself to go Italian - despite the inescapable buzz from the cars' looks.
must be an age thing ....
reasons to be cheerful - El Hacko
don't laugh, but pal in Devon has just rung to tell me he's found the mat (heavy duty domestic door job) I bought down there during a visit earlier this year ... yes, it was in his boot under 2 years of mostly junk. I'd forgotten all about the purchase.
reasons to be cheerful - Anglesey Ian

....your boxer thankfully on the mend...

...a new year as yet unsullied...

....a lively backroom community... Saab TiD giving a min of 45 mpg...

...I survived Christmas...

...I got my girl who could ask for anything more ?

'Ignorance is 'not knowing', but not wanting to know !

reasons to be cheerful - Hugo {P} extended family to Christmas Dinner - oh joy of joys!

reasons to be cheerful - Pugugly {P}
2003 not bad all in all, survived 4 or 5 trips to North Wales without being captured by the Motoring Taliban - or any other part of the country for that matter. Ding free for the whole fleet, except where my dog took a fancy to the carpet of the Landie. Not sued by anyone and weighing the same as when the year started.
reasons to be cheerful - malteser
My Skoda dealer (sales Dept) agreeing to pay for a new power steering cable on our 2½ year old Fabia diesel! Supposed to be covered by 2nd/3rd year warranty, but rejected 'cos I wasn't prepared to leave the car for 72 hours for inspection by the warranty co, who travel from Barcelona to Marbella to inspect & won't give a definate appointment! (we live 35 km from the dealer - how to get home??)

Value my car