VW Golf Headlights - enr1
Wierd thing happened. The headlights on my '99 Mk4 golf (main beam) stopped working. £50 later I was told both bulbs had blown. I thought this was very odd - why did they both fail at the same time? But was told there must have been a power surge.

Spoke to someone else with a similar age Golf and was told exactly the same thing had happened. Is there anyone else with a similar experience - I think this is very odd. Is there a design fault with this, which could be potentially dangerous if both lights automatically fail when driving?


VW Golf Headlights - Halmer
Same thing happened to me enr1 on my 1998 1.6S.

I had been to watch a footy match with my lad. I started the engine turned on the lights and nothing happened.

I drove the car home carefully on side lights and assumed that it would be a fuse.

Turned out that both bulbs had blown and cost me £50 to replace at the main dealers. Must be a reason why they both blow. It can't be coincidental.
VW Golf Headlights - dimdip
What is the wattage of them ? Just a guess, but it might have something to do with breaking a high current resulting in a voltage spike. If one bulb blows, the voltage spike could blow the other one, which is probably going to be close to wearing out as well if they're the same age.

If it is associated with this, things will improve with the introduction of the higher voltage standard, meaning that the same wattage would draw less current.
VW Golf Headlights - sb01372
I have a 2000X Polo 1.4TDi

I have never known a car go through so many light bulbs. Front Dip Headlight and rear side lights.
VW Golf Headlights - enr1
Not sure what the wattage is, but I believe they are on 10amp fuses. There are two fuses (one for the left headlight & one for the right headlight) so would this reduce the voltage spike theory?

The garage also kindly pointed out that I may have been driving with one already blown and not noticed!
VW Golf Headlights - Peter D
It could be speed bumbs are the problem, if you go over them too fast the shock shakes the filament and they fracture. As to the idea that you have been driving round and not niticed you have a duff bulb astounds me but when I have metioned to people they have a headlight out some actually say " Oh thanks I hadn't noticed." I don't go with the voltage spike or power surge idea as bulbs are normally very jurable and they are designed to run at 14/14.5 volts anyway. These bulbs are lifes anyway The filament at that running temperature has a life expectancy so it is feasible that the bulbs age at similar rates. There is also the problem that the vapourised metal from the filament coats the inside of the glass which causes the operating temperature to rise thus accelerating the bulbs demise. £50 for two bulbs and fitting OOOOCH Regards Peter
VW Golf Headlights - DL
"The garage also kindly pointed out that I may have been driving with one already blown and not noticed!"

More common than many may think, believe me.
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VW Golf Headlights - ajsdoc
We've just got a new Golf. I note the owners handbook comments that replacing bulbs is best left to the dealer! Surely this is not the case, bulbs have to be a user-serviceable item don't they?? At £50 to change I'm damn sure mine will be!
VW Golf Headlights - DL
Depends if they are of the Xenon variety.....HID bulbs, that is.
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....


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