Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - BobbyG
Any quick help with this would be appreciated.
I am at my sister's just now and her diesel Picnic won't start. When you turn the key instead of the normal starting noise there is a ongoing clicking type noise, hard to describe really.

However its definitely not the starting noise of usual which makes me think it is the starter motor.

as i am not technically minded can anyone advise me where the starter motor is as i believe that sometimes knocking it with a hammer may be enough to get it going

finally any idea for the cost of a replacement/refurbishment
Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - Aprilia
Could be a low battery. Check for voltage at the starter motor main terminal before condeming it. Knocking it with a hammer is unlikely to do anything on a modern pre-engaged starter.
Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - Clanger
I'm with Aprilia on this. How old is the battery? They don't last for ever. If it's over 5 years old and the alternator is charging OK, assume the battery is scrap and replace it.

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Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - billy25
bobby g,
if you suspect that the starter may be sticking, another way which may help is to put the vehicle in gear and rock it back and forward a few times, however i think it may be more likely to be a solenoid prob, check for loose or dirty wire/terminal contacts.

Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - T Lucas
My money says battery,b4 replacing make sure the alternator is charging correctly.
Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - BobbyG
Thanks for that guys - I will try charging the battery for starters (pardon the pun).
Tried the rocking with it in gear but no difference. However, I tried starting it with the car in gear but there was still just the continuous clicking noise - it didn't try and jump forward or anything. Should I read anything into that or does that just prove that , one way or the other, the power isn't getting as far as the starter?
Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - Update - BobbyG
I charged the battery for a couple of hours and that was enough to start the car.
However, how do I know if the battery is faulty or whether there is something draining power - coincidentally my B-I-L changed the radio a couple of weeks back from the standard fit Toyota to a Sony CD/Radio, using the standard adaptor leads from Halfords. When the ignition is off, the radio is off, but could this still be draining too much power if , in some way, it had got wired up wrongly (hard I know with standard plugs).

Just wondering as its a bit of a coincidence?
Toyota Picnic Starter Motor - Update - T Lucas
If you have not got any meters to check the battery but suspect the radio,check the radio for warmth after the car has been left for a few hours.If it is warm it is usuing power,then you can unplug it and see if the battery still goes flat.

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