Mitsubishi Carisma - AZ
Has BR\'s have any views on Mitsubishi Carisma models.
I am thinking of getting one probably 97/98 model,and would appreciate the advice of anyone who has experience of these cars.
Mitsubishi Carisma - DavidHM
Probably the least appropriate car name ever.

Not bad cars, as such, but deadly dull, rather old fashioned, and I seem to recall, not especially reliable despite the Japanese nameplate. Basically, only if very cheap should be your mantra. Luckily, they sometimes are.

As you can probably tell, I've no direct experience of the car but that's deliberate. Still, I've started the ball rolling.
Mitsubishi Carisma - T Lucas
They do the job in 'white goods'way,cheap,dull,safe and ok.
Mitsubishi Carisma - arnold2
Same car as the Volvo V40, and built in the same Dutch factory - hence the unusual build problems for a Jap' car - Mitsubishi's replacement ISN'T being built there! Volvo 340/440/funny Dafoldil car built there to, and all suffered build problems.

Probably much like the Rover built Honda Legends - all the Jap bits were really good, just badly screwed together !

I think most of the problems were in the 'niggly annoying' category, rather than the 'entire bits falling off/Alfa Romeo' catagory.

They had a nice Direct-Injection petrol, the GDI I think, before anyone else, that's supposed to be the best of the bunch.
Mitsubishi Carisma - arnold2
oh, HJ says some GDI's at 60k have problems - some people run them on 95 Octane instead of the 98 they're supposed to - better check before buying....
Mitsubishi Carisma - arnold2
Actually, you can get a Volvo S40 2.0 for the same money - handling is same (indifferent), but I reckon the Porsche-designed 2.0 is a really nice engine, and I've always found the fundamental reliability of Volvo's good - just niggling problems really like the Carisma. And, the V40 will hold its value far better.
Mitsubishi Carisma - Jason
I have got a 1997 1.8 GLX (non-GDI)- have had it for nearly 6 years. In terms of reliability, I have had only on fault and that was the immobiliser (which was fixed under warranty about 4 years ago). No problems since.
It does everything else in an OK manner.

If reliability is high on your agenda and the price is right, I would say go for it.


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