Petrol Terrano misfire only in damp - CMark {P}
A non-technical friend of mine here in Jordan has had a persistent problem with his 2.4i petrol Terrano. Only in damp weather and typically driving around town the car will get an intermittent misfire, hesitation, flat spot and even occasionally stall.

As we have 300 days of sunshine annually and Jordan is one of the 10 most water-poor countries in the world he has not done much to get this fixed as it only happens on a few days a year.

However he will soon be moving to a much wetter country in Eastern Europe and is now anxious to get it fixed.

Does anyone know if there is a specific problem with this engine that might be causing this?

What should he be getting the garage to check? I would be grateful for a back-to-basics check list I could give to him.
(It sounds to me like HT leads or damp getting into the distributor cap).

The car, he tells me, is a 1997 (German-spec) model with the KA24E engine.

Thanks from me (and him) in advance.
Petrol Terrano misfire only in damp - DL
I'd concur with you. An HT system overhaul is called for - and it needn't cost a fortune.

Spark Plugs and HT leads are the most likely culprits followed by the distributor cap & rotor arm.

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