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Seat Leon 1.6 - Tim Guymer
Going to order a Leon 1.6 tomorrow as my company car. Looked around at some of the alternatives for the price and none really meet my needs -6ft 5 and size 13 shoes! - smaller cars really aren't big enough to cover 17,000 per annum in comfort. Just thought I'd check with you guys that there wasn't anything 'better' that I should consider. Also any pointers about what colour to go for -tempted towards the black.

Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - Alvin Booth
Black and white are the last two colours I would personally go for. But its obviously a matter of choice.
Only had one black car many years ago and it always took so much trouble to keep looking smart. If you enjoy polishing I think they look great.

Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - lada fan
i am 6 foot 6 inches, and i have size 13 shoes, when i test drove the leon, my feet got stuck under the dashboard/plastics.
Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - Andrew Bairsto
Just one point Seat announced a new updated Leon at the Frankfurt show
Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - honest john
Don't buy solid black. In addition to the difficulty of keeping it clean, water based black is very prone to starring. SEAT's solid red on the other hand is now protected by a lacquer coat so does not oxidise as most solid reds used to.

Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - Richard
Go for the 110BHP TDI model if it is available. It will perform better and most likely will be in a lower taxation class than the 1.6 petrol, so it will be cheaper to run as well!
Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - Tim Guymer
Would love to but that that costs another £3,500 of which I would have to contribute in full! Folks have the 110 in a Passat.
Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - Judge Justice Pickled-Onion

You don't say what alternatives you have in mind, However I have found the Peugeot 406 to be very comfortable and I have only size 12 feet but am 6'4" and fairly stocky. I haven't found it to be as well constructed as VW group cars though.

The Leon is basically a Golf - which I have driven and found it to be plenty roomy enough.
Re: Seat Leon 1.6 - Phil Garner
Yeah the 110 is expensive compared to the rest, it all depends on how long you plan to keep it and how far you will drive. You would need to keep it for years to get the money back. But then, that in gear pull they have is really addictive.

I test drove a 1.4 and it was slow as you like, I too am 6'6" with size 13's and I found it okay. God we are all tall here. Good to know I am not alone ;)

May I suggest for the mileage you will be doing a Skoda Fabia TDi. Having test driven both cars, the Skoda is far and away the better car IMO. It is smaller, but feels as big inside, and with that 100bhp TDi it is fast as ***k. Diesel car did a 0-60 run in 9.0 seconds dead. Really.

Hope I am not too late with advice. Probably am.

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