Fiesta automatic choke problems - fiestaman
Please can someone help me! I'm a student and have been running a 1.1 mk3 (L reg) fiesta on a shoestring but i think I've finally met my match. Basicly whenever I try and start the car using the "cold start" procedure or otherwise it floods the engine. The engine turns and ALMOST fires, but doesn't. The only solution is to remove the fuel pump fuse, turn the key, floor the accelerator then replace the key. The car runs fine and starts normally when the engine is hot. Does anyone know a low cost solution to this? The fuse trick is not only embarresing but is also giving me a very sore arm!

I also had a bit of a wheel arch damaging incident a while ago and am looking for wheel arch covers, does anyone know where i could get any near london (or my mail order!)?

Thanks a lot, Sam
Fiesta automatic choke problems - urlife_006
could always try ebay for you wheel arch covers or maybe a scrap yard, where about in london are you coz i have heard of one in north london.

with the choke i dont know dont have a fiesta sorry

Fiesta automatic choke problems - Dynamic Dave
Sounds like you've got the same problem as this person. A humble resistor placed in the appropriate place may help you.

Fiesta automatic choke problems - fiestaman
Yeah, that sounds like problem alright, but i don't understand why that should suddenly happen? It's a problem I've never had before!

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