am i being unreasonable? - lynton

I have a fiat punto thats 5 years old and the sump has rusted through! Am i being unreasonable in thinking that it's a bit shoddy and these things should not happen.

Previously I had a mark II golf gti which had gone 18 years on its original sump and prior to that an uno which had 13 years on its original sump - but 5 years!!!

am i being unreasonable? - billy25
not from the inside i hope! :-)
am i being unreasonable? - madf
I think you are.. For a Fiat to last 5 years is an act of god..:-)

am i being unreasonable? - Andrew-T
Not an unusual Punto problem I believe - happened to my daughter's car at about the same age. The sumps are only made of pressed steel rather than cast alloy, so I suppose it's to be expected. On the + side, I suppose a tin sump won't fracture if hit by a rock.
am i being unreasonable? - Clanger
Obviously the designed-in oil leak which would otherwise have protected the sump, has failed. I think you need to find some thing to be thankful for e.g. that it didn't let go suddenly as you were hammering up the motorway, or that it's not an invisible structural component thats rusted. Worse things happen at sea etc. ...

Stranger in a strange land
am i being unreasonable? - king arthur
Worse things happen at sea
etc. ...

Yeah, you could be right in the middle of a storm force 10, with twenty foot waves towering over you, and only then you realise the ship you're in was built by Fiat....
am i being unreasonable? - v8man
Most cars have pressed steel sumps. Unfortunately, Fiats are made from kitchen foil!
am i being unreasonable? - GTLK
Had an Uno from 1986 I think for one year. It leaked oil from day one and it took them six months to identify the oil as gearbox oil not engine oil and is was coming from the speedo cable output from the 'box. They solved that and then it started leaking in!! - water into the rear footwells. Well, they never fixed that, I handed the car back and sued. Effectively, they gave me £1,000 plus the value of the car to go away. i did - to the VW dealer. Ahh bliss, a 1980 Golf - best built european car after a Merc W123.

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