Dent Removal - Inca
Hi - Please could anyone tell me of a good dent removal company in Edinburgh? Is there a Dent Master in this area? This is just a small dent but paintwork is slightly cracked and may need some attention. Thanks very much.
Dent Removal - Drivethru

Not sure if Dent Master operate in Edinburgh and if you need paintwork doing I'm not sure they would be any use, someone might know differently.
Dent Removal - BobbyG
Inca, couple of years ago I used a guy called Alex White from Dent Wizard. He was based in Edinburgh and came out to my Scenic in Bathgate and did a brilliant job repairing a dent in the door.

His number was 07970 542371, his head office number was 0800 433687.

Don't know about the paint though - but he did guarantee no fee if not happy.

Hope this helps.

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