New Member of the Family. - Pugugly {P}
Well - we did it today. Struck a deal on a Honda CG125 for SWMBO.
2.5 year old example a the right price. The next trauma is its collection from its previous keeper, and delivery (by PU) to PU towers for a gentle renovation over the winter.

Now this will attract the attention of the Police no doubt - being ridden by an middle aged brief in leathers (yes they still fit) no L plats (cos he's passed his test.) Do you know what I am looking forward to it - is that the sign of a true petrol head ? Either that or it'll get slung in the back of the Landie !
New Member of the Family. - Dwight Van Driver
Heard from outside Badgers House on the Riverbank

"OOoohhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO."


Smiles per hour. - Pugugly {P}

Picked it up today. Rode the 40 odd miles home (avoiding Dual Carriageways) - Bet I had more fun on it than other motorists I saw today. One was in a TVR Griffith, a 53 reg, as the old 125 buzzed along a max revs I thought, how much more fun is he having than me ? The grin on the chops said it all.

Every motorist should be forced to do 6 months on one of these before being let out in a car, it would make them appreciate road surfaces, stopping distances and the vulnrability of motorcylists.

Blinking cold though.....
Smiles per hour. - martint123
Well done and a good choice in the end... Should get a fair price back when confidence has built up and she may take to something larger.

I think the quote from Mark Evans when he finally rode his rebuilt Triumph "I can't believe I've waited 40 years to have so much fun" (or something like that)

Wrap up warm and you don't notice the cold (hmmmm)


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