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DVD posted this in "I have a question" earlier...

Many of you have come to know that excellent chap FiF on this Forum.A modest chap indeed. However this Forum may well be inundated with posts from him as work on the A.1 Motorway in his home area has unearthed what could be a relative, many times removed, and his form of Transport.

Watch out for

Classified: Well used Chariot, Registered 500 BC for sale

Discussion: Which current vehicle would you bury to survive to the year 8475?

Technical section: How do I re-shaft a 500BC Chariot?


Interesting find but I'm always amazed by the huge asumptions made by experts in such cases. The BBC say...

In what seems to be a burial chamber, there are the remains of a man aged about 40 and the bones of 250 cattle, as well as the chariot. It is thought the cattle could have formed part of a huge funeral feast.

250 cattle for a funeral feast...blimey you guys eat well up north! Who's to say it wasn't just a very bad chariot accident involving a wandering herd?

In fact what's the betting, when they fully investigate the man's skeleton, that a small artefact is found tightly clutched in his hand. Carefully cleaning away the dirt they may well find the inscription "NOKIA".


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Nice one, M.M (and DVD). :-))

>>work on the A.1 Motorway
- so bets are now off as to whether these road works will be finished on time...
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While the chassis looks to be in fairly good nick the bodywork is a little suspect. Also not sure about buying a second hand car with the previous owner still in place!

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I'd missed that M.M and DVD. Posted a response to the original in IHAQ volume (n+1)

BTW 250 cattle in a pit. Obviously they had F&MD & DEFRA rampant in those days too. :(
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Report in Guardian also mentions that the iron tyres which have survived the burial are different. Can we assume that cowboy iron tyre fitters maybe struck again??
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Wonder if this was the one or two HP model?
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on the point of which vehicle should we bury for the future........i would suggest a nice bentley, just to prove that we did have some "taste".(what would they think of us if they dug up a multipla!!)
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Rumour has it that the chariot will shortly be re-released rebadged as the "Chariot-Rover".

In late 2004 an MGCh version will then be produced with revised suspension, alloys and a deep front spoiler....
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Very perceptive MM.

Understand that initial accident investigation reveals Charioteir
holding Conch shell to left ear, lost control of the reins and horses ran into a herd of beasts en route Cambs Market.

Mead/blood content also high.

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Maybe he was celebrating that glorious Rugby victory over the ancient Australians , Swinging his chariot low , coming for to carry him home and stuffed it into the wild d(rover)and his herd of beasts.. (Rover is the motoring link)

Incidentally - heard of the new Aussie Rugby Bra, nice little number in green and gold silk. Lots of support but no cups.
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Probably not an England supporter either. Probably one of the more celtic teams !
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I bet the wheels were 4ft 8 1/2ins apart. Sorry, different thread :o)
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apparently the DVLA have noticed that SORN has not been declared for the vehicle, and the resulting back tax (sorry, RFL) with compound interest, could pay off the national debt.

but they're going to put it as a deposit on another govet computer system that wont work

Bora - what Bora ?
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250 cows.....where did they bury the Yorkshire Pudding and the horse raddish. Me I would bury a Landie.
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Seen it in autotrader....

500BC Chariot. 1 careful owner from new, FSH, garaged since 501BC. For parts or repair, buyer collects. Valuable registration - MO535 1. Fully loaded. No gladiators or tyre kickers.

Contact Leon after 6PM

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500BC Chariot. 1 careful owner from new, FSH, garaged since

Erm, garaged a year before it was made? (feeling pedantic tonight)
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The perfect car to be buried in is shurely an Ash-tra?
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I doubt it was the mobile call that caused the accident, I understand that the driver was delivering stock to the local fast-food joint and, full of mead, lost control on one of the notorious A1 roundabouts. Athough the tyres were the latest steel-belted radials, they were completely bald!

Stranger in a strange land
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Well spotted Frostbite, obviously a typo in the Autotrader ad, fairly common occurrance, but hats off for the observation.

There is off course another all important question on this issue. Did the Chariot have mats and were they rubber or fitted carpet ones?????

Answers on a postcard to.....

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I'm still waiting for them to find the scuttle plates.

M.M it's too early for the metric version surely, so would you say the 12 hole design is the most probable find?

Secondly no comments from the girls about men drivers! Could we have been so quiet if the driver had been female?

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Things (cars) to be buried and found in 500 years time.................A Fiat Stilo?

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