Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - bugd-out
Hi all

my newly purchased car has internal corrosion to seat belts, springs in seats, some structural metal i can see behind dash(warm area due to heater).
Also noticed a wet patch at rear passenger side footwell and best guess is its been an antifreeze spillage from boot area.
Is it possible for antifreeze vapours to circulate in the car over a period and cause rust/coorosion damage. Corrosion is worst at passenger side. Rear seat has also suffered from burst stitching and foam dissolving beneath coverings.
Or, is this looking like flood damage, what do i check for?

Cars been HPI checked and all clear and would have though flood damage would have shown up in this check. Thanx for any advice


Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - DL
Fairly normal I reckon - a light 'coat' of rust on the exposed surfaces of these components (IMO) is to be expected.

On the other car, the car could have had an impromptu 'bath' and has been repaired/dried out etc etc at the owners expense.......tus no HPI report would show up on the car.

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - M.M
I'm not quite so accepting as DL of any rust in the interior...but it does depend on the vehicle age and how much rust you call rust.

Where you will see it is in a car that has been standing for a long time without being aired at all. It happened to something we stood on grass under a hedge for 6mths through the winter. Also to a Golf I viewed at a dealers was like this, he admitted he'd had it a year in the yard.

Of course any water leak into the interior that raises moisture levels for extended periods will cause this. It can even be caused by farming use where wet boots keep the mats/carpet constantly moist.

Finally one of the worse I've seen was a car where the previous owner lived the other side of a village ford from the town she worked in. At least twice a day this car would go through a moderate depth and must have shipped a small amount every day such that it was constantly damp. When you looked up behind the dash every metal bracket and screw head was corroded.

Serious flood damage will coat everything in a layer of silt/muddy water, it's near impossible to clean from behind the trim etc....every single thing is affected.

Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - DL
Agreed.....perhaps I was a little too accomodating but it would depend upon the level of rust there.

Ever seen underneath the rear seat squab after a rear cabin water leak? There are loads of cars that I know of going around with some very rusty seat frames etc etc

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - bugd-out
On the antifreeze spillage, assuming of course its antifreeze, would this speed up corrosion as it seems worse in area of spillage. Does antifreeze strip paint same as brake fluid?? Thought it was meant to be a corrosion inhibitor.

Have my doubts its been flooded as found a paper VW label on drivers side in pristine condition beneath carpet, yet drivers side seat also affected by rusty spings at shoulder height in front seat. Thinking its some sort of chemical attack from the spill but no knowledge of this happening of any of my previous cars or heard of such a problem.

Golf has 32K on clock (5 year old) and looks the part except for inbternal rust. FSH and mots to prove.

Hopefully worrying about nothing but after opinions from guys who know better..


Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - sean
No bugd-out

There will be NO CORROSION unless someone has spilled a sugary drink with phosphoric or benzoic acid inside.

That accounts for the seatbelts, but nothing else.

I work for a certain manufacturing corporation that can help you, IN THE NEXT 6 DAYS ONLY.

You maybe know who I am. Dave will help you.

I need Reg number + name and addy of owner, or VIN.
Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - vaux-hauled
Hi sean

appreciate the help here. Sent details to your ntl address.

thanx again

Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - sean
Hi bugd-out, or shall I call you vaux-hauled?

Thanks for the info.

There is no relevant warranty work scheduled on the VAG database for the vehicle with the details you gave me.

This normally means that previous owners have felt unable to claim on the generous manufacturer corrosion warranty. I'd be asking why. Accidental damage is the normal reason.

I have just spoken to a friend at HPI Equifax. They say that their database would only show such corrosion as a result of an insurance write-off total loss.

If it's been parked in a pond,rebuilt and dried, they say you'd never know from the documentation.

Previous owner should be able to help you.

Good luck, mate.
Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - Aprilia
Antifeeze will attack paint, but is actually a corrosion inhibitor.

If the car had been flooded, you would know. It would make a real mess and would be difficult to clean up 100%. If paper stickers on the back of carpets and under trim are still there then it has not been flooded.
Most likely problem is continual condensation, perhaps due to water seeping somewhere (windscreen seal? sunroof?).
I don't think VW corrosion warranty would cover internal items such as seat frames and under dash - so not relevant here.
Internal Corrosion VW Golf Mk4 - vaux-hauled
Hi all

Bugd-out alias vaux-hauled here. 2 user names, seem to have mixed them in this mail sadly.


thanx a lot for investigation you've done. Spoke with previous Lady Owner tonight after failing to catch her in over past 2 days.

She is a hairdresser and only used car for trips backwards and forwards to her salon(local), hence low mileage. <5k per year.

On the flooding question, she assures me nothing like that ever happened while she owned car. No leakages from rear washer either. On the chemical leak in rear seating 1/4 she assured me she didn'y carry any chemicals in car, or antifreeze that i suggested and thought it may have happened while 1st owner had car.
Only insurance incident was a break in where back 1/4 window smashed for a sports bag which was sorted within few days afterwards.

She noticed corroded seat belts in rear and though unusual but single-no kids so didn't use rear of car often so didn't worry about it.

Vehicle parked on tarmac driveway every evening.


do i have a case for some new rear seat belts from VW.



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