Corolla - timing chain or cam belt? - weatherwitch
I know this is blatantly obvious to some, but it isn't to me. I'm off shortly to view an S reg Corolla 1.3i SE, it's got 43k and I haven't a clue if it's got a timing chain or cam belt. Which is it anyone and when should they be changed?

Plus if there's any other quick tips to look out for, (I have been through the CBC and How to Buy and Sell cars here).

The dealers actually interested in my old E reg corolla! I didn't mention the lack of working alternator as I might not like the S reg when I drive it anyway! Since a scrap yard want £38 for a replacement alternator for my car and get my old in part-ex, then my mate can't do it for 3 three weeks, I'm stuck. Saw this one and thought I have got to view it, so advice please and many thanks :)
Corolla - timing chain or cam belt? - Civic8
Being a corolla it`s probably an overhead cam which isn`t a problem.ok I cannot say for definet but as an S reg I would think is.The alternator won`t be a problem for them.They leave it till resold and claim off their own insurance or customer`s
most cambelt`s are changed around 30k/40k but from previous knowledge of corollas are pretty much trouble free.I may be wrong but other`s may tell you if am
Corolla - timing chain or cam belt? - Wooster
S plate Corolla's have a cam belt. It's only the VVTi engines (from about 'X' plate onwards) that have a cam chain.

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