Waiting for that phone call - Blue {P}
The Fiesta went into the dealers this morning to have the mis-fire looked at and now I'm waiting around feeling like a loved one is in hospital!

The mechanic who I showed it to said he had never noticed whether the noise was a natural feature of the car or not, but as I said it had recently got worse he said he would plug it into the diagnostic machine and get it all looked at so I left it with them for the day. I also mentioned the oil consumption and the occasional starting problem in case there is any connection...

Will post back with the results for anyuone who is interested, especially those who replied to my thread on technical matters, which may be where this belongs, I'll see what I have to report back with first!

I know there's very little point in this post so far, but I just feel like I have to do something! :-)

Waiting for that phone call - Blue {P}
Not the response I was hoping for.

Apparently they have re-programmed the ECM, but as the diagnostic machine showed no fault codes they were unable to find a problem and put it down to an exhaust popping. Naturally this hasn't cured the problem.

Can anyone tell me if their 1.4 Zetec engined MK6 Fiesta makes a noticeable mis-firing sound from the exhaust when you let the revs drop? I would appreciate the info as I think they're gonna go down the "they all do that" line. :-(

Any other ideas appreciated.

Waiting for that phone call - Flat in Fifth

I've driven a number of rented 1.4 latest model Fiestas lately and they all seem to make a strange sort of fizzing noise from somewhere behind the speedo/dash. Definitely speed related I would say.

Any comment?

One did have seem to have a misfire but seeing as the fuel cons was down around 26 mpg it really was one unhappy bunny!

Current one does not appear to pop/misfire from exhaust on over-run, but I'll check a bit closer tonight. Popping sound might get interfered with by sound of studded tyres though ;-)

Waiting for that phone call - mfarrow
My dad's got a company Fiesta. I don't know if this is the fizzing u describe, but at low revs (no labouring revs), when you push the accelerator, i.e. putting the engine under load, it sounds like a pneumatic road digger :-) ! Never had that on the previous 1.25.


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