+20 BHP Drag Mod - pug_306_xsi_8v
hi lads

are these drag mods any good...do there work......can there damage your car
+20 BHP Drag Mod - LongDriver {P}
To pre-empt other peoples' replies:

20 BHP Drag Mod - pug_306_xsi_8v
whats that mean mate...........there dont work
20 BHP Drag Mod - Mark (RLBS)
I have no idea what a Drag Mod is, unless its something that Rockers used to do.
20 BHP Drag Mod - martint123
Couldn't be a closet moderator could it??
20 BHP Drag Mod - Garethj
I believe it's a small resistor that fits in to your car's air intake temperature sensor. The idea is that it fools the temperature sensor into thinking that it's cold, releasing more fuel. You will need to modify the intake to get more air into the system too, possibly by changing the throttle body (expensive and time consuming to get right).

20 bhp extra from a Pug 306 is very unlikely - if it works at all! If you get 5 bhp you're doing well. It may also damage your catalytic convertor so beware for emissions tests at MoT time.

As a "real" power tip, removing your spare tyre is about the same as 5 bhp gain as your power to weight ratio gets better :-)

20 BHP Drag Mod - Jonathan {p}
These resistors can be bought from Maplins for about 50p.

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