Bodyshop estimate needed - solara

Can someone give me a rough estimate on how much I should expect to pay a body shop to spray a bonnet?
Assume I provide them a new bonnet, and fix/align it myself.
All I am paying for is their labour and spray paint (metallic!).

Bodyshop estimate needed - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
About £250.. Have had it done, am not in the trade.
Bodyshop estimate needed - smokie
Mrs's car has a scratch on the bonnet. Local bodyshop (good reputation) said that it usually works out about £125 per panel to sort this kind of thing out. Haven't actually had it done yet though. And maybe it's different blending scratches rather than a total respray. Dunno, sorry
Bodyshop estimate needed - Leon on Derv
had stone chips done at dealerships bodyshop. £250 but they had the car in for 3 days.

Bodyshop estimate needed - Andrew-T
Bonnet should be easy, done off the car. Go to a reputable body specialist, not through dealer. Should be < £200.
Bodyshop estimate needed - Caveman
All depends on how good a job you want. For instance, if they only spray the bonnet, will it match the wings? Metallic paint can be a funny colour to get right. It will look good stood at one angle, but stand in a different corner and it will stand out like a spare wotsit at a wedding. Any decent body shop will also spray the wing tops to help blend in the paint. I estimate you're looking at around the £200 mark for a reasonable job.

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