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speed ticket. - christopher watson
can anybody please help me, i have got a speed ticket for doing 39 in a 30 zone, but the road used to be a 40 zone, the council have taken the 40 limit signs down, but have not put 30 limit signs up???
Re: speed ticket. - bob the builder
they don't necessarily have to if the street lamps are set at a certain spacing (within 100yds?).
Re: speed ticket. - Mike Harvey
Had exactly the same thing a year or so ago, but in a national speed limit. Took them to court and won. Plod red faced, council highways dept. red faced. Signs now in place and appropriate acts invoked. Court stumped up solicitors expences and some compo too.
Re: speed ticket. - Judge Justice Pickled-Onion
Can you just picture the scene ? Whitley bay courthouse.

"Ahem" ( places black hanky on head )

Chris Watson, also known as Aldridge Prior you have been found guilty of the most henious of crimes, namely:

Driving a Lada at excessive speed

Modifying a Lada

Owning a Lada

Admitting to own a Lada

Boring the sh*te out of contributors to the Honest john website with your endless tall stories and fantasies relating to amongst other things SNOWCHAINS.

" You will be taken from this courthouse and thrown into the river Tyne where the few remaining fish will feast upon you "
Re: speed ticket. - Ashley (Defence council)
Your Honour i must object !

There is no factual evidence regarding the first charge, namely driving a lada at excessive speed. If anyone in this courtroom has ever witnessed this being done then i will rest my handbag........i mean case.

Oh, and please remove that silly looking piece of fabric from your honourable head.

I must therefore plead with the jury that the first charge be struck from the list of charges that have been brought against my client.

I also wish to plead insanity on behalf of my client, because if the other charges are proven, then he deserves to be placed in a padded cell.

Oh, and finally...anyone want to buy some second hand snow chains ?
Re: speed ticket. - Judge Pickles

Just own up and tell your Dad. I'm sure he will be sympathetic, and just deduct the fine from your pocket money.

Or you dont tell him, and you get sent to your room (£55 a week is it?) with no supper.

either way, dont speeding just so you can post messages.
Re: speed ticket. - Paul
The charges of Lada ownership aside, if it's any help I was involved in a case where the motorist turned right against a no right turn sign below traffic lights. The defence was the presence of old directional signs sited just before the junction indicating a right turn was ok. Got off. Get a statement from the council stating the facts you set out and you've got a runner before a sensible court.

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