Civic ??????? - jammods
Anyone got experience with the Honda Civic 1.4 engine?.....Its not a vtec that much I know but the cheap insurance, tax and economy are making it attractive to me. It will come in the 1.4 sport 5 door guise, 2001 for about 5k.

Any advice/experiences will be appreciated.


Civic ??????? - GTLK
We've driven loads of Hondas over the years. All dead reliable, never any trouble and the cockpit layout of the Civic is great.
Civic ??????? - helicopter
I second that - Go for it.
Civic ??????? - mscott
The Technical Matters section of this site is full of threads which start with something like "Help, my Peugeot/ VW/ Vauxhall/ Ford is broken." I don't think I've seen one complaining about the reliability of a Honda.
Civic ??????? - Burnout2
Likely to be the nearest thing possible to a zero-hassle ownership experience, all being well. The 1.4 is adequately quick - the 1.6 VTEC isn't exactly a performance car either - so a good choice for low running costs. High speed motorway refinement isn't that great, otherwise very competent in all areas.

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