escort no - kane
i have a 1990-91 escort and i have no heating it just blow's cold air all time, i ve used rad-flush and blown all pipes and have even took all water out of car and put new water in and it still wont heat up please help

escort no - Hawesy1982
I've just solved this problem on my 306, yours could be the same.

I think i just had a huge airlock, try bleeding the system and/or backflushing the heater hoses to clear any blockage. Check the hose going in gets hot, and check that the dial is actually turning the electrical contact and that you are not simply spinning the knob around on its own.

One of these could be the problem, hope this helps
escort no - Cambridge Chris
Could be the thermostat sticking open, does the temperature gauge show normal operating temperature. If its shows cooler than normal then suspect the thermostat.

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