Rubbing/Grinding sound MK2 Golf - ageofempires
Hi Everyone,

Under braking I get a rubbing or grinding which sounds like brake pads worn to the metal - Ive checked all four and there is plenty of meat left on them. It seems to be coming from the rear nearside of the car - im out of ideas? Any suggestions?

Rubbing/Grinding sound MK2 Golf - Peter D
Wheel bearing away and under braking the disc is fowling the caliper. I assume a GTI as you only mention pads not shoes. Regards Peter
Rubbing/Grinding sound MK2 Golf - ageofempires
Hi Peter

Thanks for the prompt response...I should have mentioned that the car is a CL and not a GTi hence it has brake shoes, not pads - im used to using motorcycle parlance, my bike has discs front and back.

Any ideas?
Rubbing/Grinding sound MK2 Golf - Andrew-T
If it's the rear brake shoes you should get the same noise by using the handbrake to stop the car. Maybe a shoe is worn down to a rivet-head?
Rubbing/Grinding sound MK2 Golf - Peter D
if this is a light metalic noise you may have corroded thru the automatic adjuster tension spring which is now lying trapped at the bottom of the backplate or a shoe retaining spring twist top has corroded and it is the cause of the noise. Remove the rear drums to check all is well. Don't forget to by some new split pins. Regards Peter

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