Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - 547HEW
I need to get my 2001MY Golf (115PS Diesel) windscreen replaced before the forthcoming 1st MoT test, due to stone damage.

As this will be the first glued-in screen I have had replaced, I am nervous about getting a good job done.

Does anyone have any recommendation as to supplier, or are there any pitfalls to be aware of?

Thanks for any advice.
Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - billy25
autoglass, spot-on with my mate\'s carlton a week or so ago!(takes approx 4.5 hours though!)

Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - aahbarnes
Autoglass did my Golf MK4 windscreen in about 45 mins. Very straight forward.

Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - terryb
Autoglass every time. I've had a number done by them and an excellent job every time. Last time the depot sent them out on a Sunday with the wrong screen and they tracked down the right one at a depot miles away and went to collect it. Cost them an extra 2-3 hours on my job but not a murmur from the guys.

Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - tdiist
Not long ago I had a window in a GTI 16v Mk II changed (it wasn't glued and was not VW part) and the tint wasn't the same colour. Close but not the same, especially noticeable from within on a bright day!
Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - blank
Autoglass or another big firm. It's what their guys do all day so they are good at it. Dealers will only call them in to do the job for them.

- they use a rather frightening looking knife that they stick down the side of your 'screen to cut the sealant between screen and bodywork. If they are not careful they damage the bodywork, which will then corrode. Watch them and make sure they make good any damage.
- If the sealant is not applied evenly or thickly enough the screen will leak.

Solutions. Talk to the fitter, sound intersted and look like you care about your car.

Remember that you need to leave a newly bonded windscreen a couple of hours before driving the car, so time the work sensibly

Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - 547HEW
Hi All, thanks for the advice. Andy's post seems in retrospect to be the most relevant!

I took the plunge and had the job done at the local Autoglass dept, as they couldnt do the job at my location, due to rain.

I was not able to observe how they did the job, but it took approx 55 mins from driving the car in, to driving out.

The car's windows now all mist up instantly I drive off, and take ages to clear (even with A/C on).

On the day I took the car in, it had been standing in continuous raining for 12 hours or so. There was not a hint of misting as I drove the car in.

I can only assume the screen or windscreen aperture is leaking.

No other work has been done to the car recently, or ever at all which could affect water-tightness.

I assume I now have to take it back for them to rectify the probelm, but what are the chances that they will?

Does anyone have any recommendation as to how to proceed?

thanks for any advice.

PS I'm just off to check for wet carpets.....

Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - terryb
It really is unlikely you've got a leak - I've never known it yet - in more years of getting replacement bonded windscreens than I care to count. But check it anyway and if you do have they'll happily rectify it for you. IIRC Autoglass guarantee against leaks for the life of the screen.

More likely, if the car had been 12 hours in the rain like we had all weekend in Surrey, is that carpets and upholstery got damp from ingress through the large gaping apertures caused by the very nature of the work. The amount of stuff they have to strip off a car to do the job is frightening (interior trim, scuttle plates etc etc. So, doors open, no windscreen, damp overalls, all could have contributed.

My advice is to give the inside a good warm up and a dry out and if mother nature doesn't provide test conditions for you, get someone to play a hose around the screen while you sit inside and check for ingress. While you're at it, check for leaks around the door seals as they tend to come adrift while the work's going on too.

But I'd bet that once dried out you won't get a recurrence.

Golf MkIV Windscreen Replacement - 547HEW
Thanks Terry,

I checked carpets for wet patches - none found. Have checked door seals, all undisturbed. It does not look like they had to disturb any trim, especially scuttle area. The screen looks like it slides down behind the scuttle moulding, and is then glued to the aperture surround.

Anyway, I'm going to do as you suggest and see if it dries out on its own.

My only concern with that is that the window misting was only slight when driven in the evening after the work. The car then sat outside for a day and a half of mostly rain. When I used it after that, the misting was really severe, didnt clear in 5 miles or so. I conclude from this that water is still getting in.

Have not used the car since (yes, its now had even more rain!)

I'll keep you posted.


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