golf gti miss fire - craig1293
I have a 1990 golf gti 8v (167k on the clock) with an intermitant miss fire.
it happens at random RPMs (even at tickover) and at various trottle positions and it seems to miss a beat. this can happen as a single or sometimes as a group seperated by a second or so. When it misses the rev counter doesn't twitch

I have replaced the following

dizzy cap + rotor arm
fuel filter
stp injector cleaner

The rest of the time it runs great, it revs smoothly and quickly, pulls well but this is baffling me. i have only had the car 3 weeks (didn't show up on the test drive) and it is begining to bug me.

Any help greatfuly received


golf gti miss fire - leeboy
i have the same problem with mine,i took it to a tuning garage rolling road,this sorted the problem for £60.the garge told me the fuel mixture was wrong,good luck
golf gti miss fire - Ian D
Coil maybe?
golf gti miss fire - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Coil is certainly a possibility, as are the ignition amplifier module, the hall switch inside the dizzy, throttle position sensor, or even a momentary hesitation of the fuel pump (pump or relay fault). An iffy wiring connection almost anywhere could also be the culprit, which can be REALLY difficult to find !

As Leeboy says, you would probably be well advised to get some professional diagnostic help here, having already attended to the sensible basics. Have a look in Y Pages under "Car Engine Tuning", or "Engine Tuning", if you don't know of anyone already.

Regards, Adam
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golf gti miss fire - Civic8
As a matter of interest have all vaccum pipes been checked only takes I split in a pipe to do this just a thought
golf gti miss fire - craig1293
Thanks for the ideas. Which vacume hoses do you mean?
It feels like an electrical mis-fire as it is a very suden, abrupt miss. i have brought a new coil so that is my next line of attack.


golf gti miss fire - solara
Could it possibly be an intermittent crankshaft sensor?
I'd add it to my list of things to change.
golf gti miss fire - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

On many cars a very good suggestion, but I think you will find that this engine has no Crank Sensor, just the Hall Switch inside the dizzy.

Regards, Adam.
Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.
golf gti miss fire - Civic8
having only had the car for a few week`s have you any proof it is the original engine.checking the engine number will tell you.
I may be wrong here but it is unlikely that it is as with a lot of gti`s they are in most cases thrashed to high heaven.I am not saying your`s has been.but I`m not to know as are you.unless you know the previous owner that it is or has been looked after.the mileage you state is ok if it has had a service regularly.If not there are other probs which are common with the age of the engine.possible probs being injector`s faulty valve`s on one or more cylinder` you have replaced most of the electrics may be worth looking at fuel side if anyone wishes to correct me am always open to suggestion`s
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