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I have a 1997 VW Passat 110 TDI, and it has recently developed a slight fault with the screen wiper controls. When pulling the wiper stalk to operate the washer jet, it should automatically wipe whilst the jet is on, and (on releasing the stalk) continue to wipe 3 more times to clear the screen.
Last week it only automatically wiped whilst the jet was on - it stopped the wipers in park position immediately on releasing the stalk.
This week it does not wipe at all whilst the jet is on. The wipers still work in all other respects - i.e. off, intermittent, on slow and on fast.
This is inconvenient, but I could live with it if necessary, but: 1) is it simple to fix? and 2) will it pass MOT like this?

Passat - wiper control - RoadDevil
Usually the wash/wipe is controlled with a wash/wipe unit which looks like a relay and in most cars seems to live with the other relays near the fuse box. It sounds like this has become defective or has a loose connection. Sorry, don't know where it is in a Passat - hopefully someone else will.
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Its the relay, the stalk switch or the park switch(usually inside the wiper motor housing)
Passat - wiper control - RoadDevil
I'd put my money on the wash/wipe control unit as the wipers park correctly when used normally and the washer still squirts when the washer switch is operated. Normally these units take a feed from the washer switch and operate the wipers whilst the switch is held on, when the switch is released the unit continues to run the wipers on a timer which is just short of three wipes so when the unit cuts out the wipers are part way through their third sweep so park normally. If you can find the unit look for loose or overheated connections where it plugs into the relay board. If there is no obvious fault you could risk the cost of a new unit as the chances must be better than even that it will rectify the fault. I would guess the cost at £20 - £40. As for the MOT, I don't think it would be an issue as the washers do work, just you have to turn the wipers on too at the same time (just like an ancient Metro I owned in a former life!).

Hope this helps.
Passat - wiper control - muckybob
Thanks to all who replied - I'll find the relay box tonight & have a fiddle with it.


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