306 speedo not working - leeboy
speedo does not work were do i start??cheers
306 speedo not working - Dynamic Dave
I've previously suggested this,


But no one, (apart from my colleague who told me in the first place) has come back and confirmed if it worked or not.
306 speedo not working - Civic8
you don`t give any info ie date.although I think they all work same way.have you done anything to the car lately.Ie remove instrument panel.on back of it is a connector which is round and I think has 2 pressure tabs once pressed speedo cable will pull out.on the inside of this cable is a drive cable which inserts into the gearbox and on the other end into the speedo if either end is disconnected won`t work.but I don`t know if it is electronic let me know
306 speedo not working - pug_306_xsi_8v
hi there mate you know the best way to take the intrment panel of...........................thanks
306 speedo not working - Civic8
I would try what has been suggested by Dynamic Dave worth a go could save a bit of time

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