GM Oxygen Sensor - Failed again - howy686
I fitted a new sensor around 18 months ago (Cavalier 16V Ecotec - Simtec 56)- now I'm getting the warning light intermitantly, usually after about 5-10 minutes running. Fault code is 13 ('oxygen sensor open circuit').
I've done more than 10000 miles in that time.
Does anyone know if other factors can lead to early failure of the Lambda Sensor, or is it just a poor quality part (genuine GM - £115!)
I'll try cleaning it first - are there any fluids worth trying.
Any comments are most welcome.
GM Oxygen Sensor - Failed again - howy686
Typo error - I've done NO more than 1000o miles in this time
GM Oxygen Sensor - Failed again - jc
For many years Gm did not directly earth there sensors;they relied on earthing thro' the exhaust system and oftem this gave problems-don't know if it applies to your model.
GM Oxygen Sensor - Failed again - Sooty Tailpipes
Make sure you never use silicone sealer as the fumes even after combustion spoil the sensor.

Also, have you used any kind of petrol or oil additive, or car cleaner type spray, as this could foul it.

Also make sure the sensor is clean on the outside, as it measures the oxygen % difference between the inside and outside.
GM Oxygen Sensor - Failed again - rileyrm
If you do renew, you dont have to buy a GM sensor,there is a multi - purpose sensor at Cafco for around £33. Any decent motor factor should supply them.


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