Ford Ka power - KeithJ
Does anyone know if there are any after market kits around to increase the power of the Ford 1.3 Ka engine ?
Ford Ka power - Edd
This is the old 8V engine your talking about?
If so there are a few mods which can be done to increase power.
The problems is how much £ have you got engine would take 130hp with enough mods but your talking massive cost.

The first way to get more power that most people do is via
removal of restriction from the engine ie freer flowing air filter and exhaust.

Then A ECU remap. With a new exhaust it would be best going for a hand made map by taking your car to a profeshion tunners and having them runn your car for a few hours on there rollers.

The above mods should get you about
+5hp exhaust at best
+1~2 hp filter mods
+4hp remap
And for this your looking at £1k at a guess

There is a turbo engine kit for the engine but its only a low power turbo as it uses stock parts as far as I understand with a bigger head gasget. This gives 30hp and 30lb torque apparently. No idea how much for this though maybe £1.5k there is a kit out there though I have seen it on 2 cars.

An easier and more Max Power mod is Nitrous oxide. A wet system with a 25hp jet is about £500~600 and you can fit them yourself so long as you can follow reasonably simple instructions, wire a plug, and dril one hole. However unlike the other mods mentioned above Nitrous oxide is a short term thing a 25hp jet will give you about 25hp but only for as long as the nitrous gas in the cylinder lasts and you have to pay to have it filled (about £20 to fill a small bottle which would last about 40 seconds at best). Nitrous oxide systems are usually refered to as NOS as this is the biggest company who supply kits for nitrous.
The 1.3 engine assuming its the old one your talking about is a old engine with little tunning potential it was ment as a shopping car not for modding. Whereas in some engine you can say x, y or Z is the weekest link the whole of the engine will be week.
Also a 25hp of NOS is a massive increase in power for the littl engine but there are no smaller normal jets out there that I know of in serious production.

The best way to be loads more power ie 50% is to
1 Drop a bigger engine into the car. (But I don't know of any engine which fit into the cars bonnet easy. You can make any engine fit within reason but its serious money if it doesn't easily fit.

2 Buy a more powerful car.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Ps don't blame me if NOS or any mods mentioned above kills your engine or car th car isn't meant for more power.

Ford Ka power - Altea Ego
There are LOADS of kits to increase power on a 1.3 ka. Just sticking to Ford, one is called The Mondeo ST220. There are lots of others. The Ford mods are easy. You replace the Ka with a faster kar. The only bits transfered from the old ka, is the drivers seat weight mass and driving controls minder.
Ford Ka power - jc
The obvious one is the Ford Sportka-50% increase in power.

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