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Alfa 156 cam belt failure - stu morton
I have a 99T Alfa 156, 32k and the cambelt tensioner has just failed, trashing the valves and poss the head. Has anyone out there had a similar experience at low miles or am I just unlucky? The whole car has been a bit of a "late Friday Special!" The repair cost is expected to be £2700 - gulp!>
Re: Alfa 156 cam belt failure - Tim P
Just wondering, was the cambelt changed at all during the 32k miles? I'd say for an alfa it would need to be changed every 20k at most.

Sorry about it thought mate, nice cars those Alfas. My mate had a alfa 33 1.7 Boxer Cloverleaf 16v and I loved it. Just was warey of alfa reliability and cost of parts/repair. Hope you can get it sorted.
Re: Alfa 156 cam belt failure - David Woollard
Depending on exact engine fitted this could be a car with a 36,000 mile belt change interval and the dealer reccomendation to check each 12,000 miles.

If you have a full Alfa service history you might just get some help if this procedure has proved insufficient to prevent the breakage. You could ask very very nicely. But don't hold your breath.

Re: Alfa 156 cam belt failure - MattW
Vauxhall also had this problem massively with the plastic idler pulley wheels on their engines
Re: Alfa 156 cam belt failure - Dwight Van-Driver
Yet again another cam belt horror and G.B.H. of the owners wallet.
Surely in this day of technology a car could be designed to overcome these numerous reports of trouble. Dont recall similar problems with A 35's, Moggie Thousands etc.
Or am I niaive and expected to accept its a way of ensuring cash out to those in the repair industry.
Re: Alfa 156 cam belt failure - andy bairsto
To think Alfa engines used to be bullit proof with chain driven cams .

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