Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - blank
Our Polo is going to be up for sale very shortly because we are buying a new MR2. Can't wait!

It is a November 1997R with 110k miles, FSH with additional oil changes, 12 months MOT. Recent disks/pads and drums/shoes. I am the 2nd owner and have owned it since Nov 1999 and 22k miles.

Bodywork is better than most of the age I have seen though obviously not perfect. Front end has recently been tidied and rid of 110k miles-worth of stone chips(courtesy of Toyota dealer who damaged it) with new bonnet, headlamp and grille. There is 1 patch of rust about 1" diameter on the osr door. There are 2 or 3 other very small supermarket type dents which have not damaged the paint.

Valuation via Autotrader comes at £2671 dealer, £2405 private, £1852 px, £1791 trade.

I would really appreciate informed opinions of real-work value for a fairly quick private sale. I would also value any opinions from anyone without trade knowledge, comments such as "seems fair, I'd pay that if I was looking" or, "sounds too much to me, I could get a xxxxx for less."

Many thanks,

(ps. I will advertise on here in a couple of weeks' time, but if anyone is really interested post or email me.)
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - blank
I re-read this a few times but realised as soon as I posted that I had not specified the model-1.9 CLD. 1.9 non-turbo diesel.

Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - blank
Maybe nobody is interested (judging be the zero replies) but the car is a 5 door in metallic Dragon Green, the best colour for these cars IMHO.

Go on, tell me what you think!

Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - MB
Try it at £1899 and see what happens - I wouldn't have thought it was worth much more than that myself...
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - Miller
As it is the "right" colour and a diesel I would put it up for 2.5k and take around 2.3k for it (IMHO), but as you will be aware the private car sale market is at very low ebb at the minute, plus Xmas is coming....

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - Miller
Sorry, did'nt notice the high mileage. Make that 2k ;-)
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - DavidHM
£2200, then advertise at £2k after a week. Negotiate down from there with a bottom line of about £1800.

Providing, of course, that the rust on the door is fixed. Cosmetic it may be, but it's a great negotiating point for the buyer if it's still there.
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - blank
Thanks for all the advice.

I am pleased that the little car seems to be worth a bit more than I had anticipated, but I am rather wary that I will be selling the car on the run-up to Christmas.

I had realised that the corrosion wasn't a great selling point(!) which is why I included it in the description. What I don't want to do is pay out to have it fixed only to have to resort to the somewhat low p/x offer from the Toyota dealer supplying the MR2. I also really haven't got the time and I would rather reflect the cost of fixing it in the selling price. But it doesn't quite work like that...!!

Good food for thought anyway and thanks again
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - Epic 80
I'd have said about £2k myself. Just had my 98R polo Cl 3 dr 1.4 with 66k valued at £2800-£3000

Btw, how many mpg does your diesel get?
Anyone care to value 1997R Polo? - PoloGirl
It's got high milage, it's rusty, got 5 doors and it's that awful dragon green colour.

You wouldn't get more than £2k out of me, but luckily I'm not after another Polo. Decided to go for a Megane next - 5 star crash rating :-)


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