Fluffy Pink Dice - hillman
Like those retired gentlemen from Tunbridge Wells who write to the 'Times' to report when they heard their first cuckoo, I am proud to report that I have seen my first pair of 100mm cube fluffy pink dice. I didn't believe that they existed, but the proof was before my eyes.
Fluffy Pink Dice - HF
I bought some for my brother last Christmas - and he lives very close to Tunbridge Wells. Coincidence, eh? Mine, however, were slightly more orange than the pink colour you describe would suggest. However they are great, and more than match with his nodding dog.

I have a horrible feeling that these things are becoming (retro?)popular again?

Fluffy Pink Dice - Ian (Cape Town)
retro? what next? those tacky sunscreens with 'shane & amanda' on them?
Fluffy Pink Dice - Altea Ego
retro? what next? those tacky sunscreens with 'shane & amanda' on

Oh yes super, bring them back, I want to put one on the clio and one the laguna. Clio will say Nicolle & Lover, and Laguna will say Papa & Mistress.
Fluffy Pink Dice - Clanger
Before you commit to signwriting your Clio sunshade, the commonly accepted spelling of Nicole is with one 'l'.

Stranger in a strange land
Fluffy Pink Dice - THe Growler
My daughter lives in TW, I shall instruct her to hunt me out a pair at once.
Fluffy Pink Dice - matt35 {P}
I suggested that HJ get a supply to market them to Back Room readers - make a few quid for the kitty.
Fluffy Pink Dice - Ian (Cape Town)
Coals to Newcastle? While waiting to pay for windscreen wipers at the local spares place last week, I happened to look at some of the boy-racer tat which was on sale. A large amount had 'Made in Phillipines' on the label!
And I'm still awaiting your order for the Cobra's Head gearshifter [with LED eyes!], Growler ...
Fluffy Pink Dice - hootie
My 15 year old wanted to buy some "cool" fluffy dice for her elder sister's new car back in the summer. I had to veto it though as being an unnecessary distraction for a new driver.

We only saw white ones with black spots on though - and, we live near Tunbridge Wells! Got her a Buzz Lightyear airfreshener instead lol - hope his catchphrase doesn't affect her driving.
Fluffy Pink Dice - No Do$h
Seen this weekend in Bournemouth:

illuminated pink fluffy dice.

Yup, somebody thought it was an aid to safe night-driving to have two blinkin' great dice lit up and dangling below their rear-view mirror.

Fluffy Pink Dice - THe Growler
Yeah I already got a set of black with white spots and another red with white spots (Used to hang 'em from the interior mirror of my Mustang, truly I did).

Ian I am not surprised you are finding boy-racer stuff made in the Philippines, we have accessory supermarkets the size of Tunbridge Wells Safeway (and yes I do know that whereof I speak) and a whole area of the metropolis which is street after street of anything you want. Auto-wise I mean, not the other kind, although we have a lot of that as well.

Our boys will make it if they haven't got it, so if you want a stainless roll-bar for your quite rare Dodge Dakota pickup for example they'll make one for you in a day or so. I'm not surprised they are exporting.

I have not however seen any pink dice, so I will suggest they have a niche marketing opportunity, and that their UK import agent could look at Tunbridge Wells as a launch pad for what is sure to be in big demand. From what I recall of TW the populace is divided between the very young and the rather old with nothing in between (I expect they all emigrated to the Gulf in the 1970's and are now boozing away in their Costa del Sol villas, or like me, lost their return air tickets and got stuck in the Orient) so (a) the young will see this as a neat and unusual adjunct for their overloaded Novas, whereas (b) the older -- er sorry, never can get the hang of this PC stuff, those with more chronological progress on their lifespan curve, will be overcome with nostalgia and be lining up around the corner outside Halfords on pension day to relive a part of their life when a Vauxhall PA Cresta (two-tone pink and black, yes they did make one that colour, and with twin whiplash antennae plus under-dash 45 rpm record player) was all it took to make out on a Saturday night. Plus a few Babychams and a Chinese.

Fluffy Pink Dice - HF
G that is hilarious. Nothing to add.....

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