Pug 306 Head Gasket? - paultta35
I bought a peugeot a M reg 306 xldt with 110K on the clock from auction on Friday night for my wife & have been running through the car for 2 days trying to fix obvious problems. I know one of the glow plugs needs replacing, so that will be done shortly.

What I'm worried about the head gasket. First indication is that one of the fans come on from shortly after startup .I'm fitting a new switch tonight with an anti-freeze change to try sort that out. Temp gauge is pretty stable at 80, rising a few degrees when pushed harder.(I learned today that I have to bleed the radiator properly on this car). Second was on Saturday I noticed that the radiator cap wasn't sealing correctly. A replacement sorted that out straight away & no more coolant loss, but I am getting pressure in the radiator after the car has cooled down. Not a lot of pressure, but I've heard that this is the first signs of a blown head gasket.

Any advise or signs to look out for are welcome, I've never had any issues of this sort before so I am a little unsure. Either way if it needs doing I consider it worthwhile with the condition of the car & what I paid for it.


Pug 306 Head Gasket? - Peter D
You say there is pressure in the rad after it is completely cold. Are you sure it is pressure not a small vacuum. My 106 hisses when I release the cap but it is air going in not coming out. Smell the header tank when the engine is running, dark water or a burnt smell may lead you to suspect a leaking head gasket but if there are no other signs then I'm not sure you have a problem.

I note at the pocal Pug dealers that at the 72K petrol service that remove the head bolt to remove the cam for inspection then just put back together without disturbing the head. The point here is that although there must be a risk that the gasket does not reseal the head has been re torqued which I would be doing with a 100 plus K diesel. Regards Peter
Pug 306 Head Gasket? - paultta35
Hi Peter,

Yes it's definitely pressure, 'cause it pushed out a small amount of water with it. I've also been told that if there is a leak anywhere the antifreeze will find it. The first owner of the car had every oil change done at Peugeot & stamped up to 90K, but the second owner owvoiusly neglected it a bit, there's no antifreeze in at the moment.

As I said earlier, if it needs doing so be it, the car is immaculate in every other way.
Pug 306 Head Gasket? - Peter D
I'm afraid that is bad news. I sounds very much like a minor head gasket leak that is letting air/fumes into the water system thus displacing water and forcing the water level up into the header. Do not run this car too far if you think it is a gasket. The high blasting across the aluminium head can erode a grove pretty quickly and would lead to a head skim. Go to a garage that has a gas sniffer and get them to test for fumes in the header tank then you will know for sure. Good Luck

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