Rust under new Citroen - Charlie251
I have a brand new Berlingo Multispace, there is rust on the rear suspension strut, not painted at all, is this normal?
Is there anything I can do about it now to prevent further damage?
Rust under new Citroen - Ben79
Take it back to the dealer and complain.

If you want to know when your Citroen was produced, look on the sticker on the drivers door pillar. It contains a number that is 5 digits long beginning with (most probably) 09 and ending in a few letters. The letters relate to the paint code and the numbers are the build date. If you type the date code into it will tell you when the car was built.

I don't think surface rust on the trailing arm to too much to worry about, they don't rust through.

Enjoy your Berlingo, Clarkson did!

Rust under new Citroen - Charlie251
Thanks Ben
I think I will mention it at the 1000/1500 mile check.
I've done my orga number already - it was built on September
16th and I collected it on October 1st.It didn't hang around!
Loving it so far.
Rust under new Citroen - Ben79
I wouldn't worry, I'll look in the morning at the rear suspension of the Picasso and my C5 tomorrow. I'm sure my Xsara (ok, I sold it at nearly 4 yrs) but I think that had a little rust on the arms.

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