Pug 605 - Windscreen Washer motor - Mikek
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot / replace this motor ?
The water pipe and electrical cable(think its the right one) disappear into the front right wing. Not sure whether this is a DIY or bigger job. Any expereinces appreciated.
Car has just failed MOT on this item.
Pug 605 - Windscreen Washer motor - Mikek
Fixed it !
Had a mug of tea and decided to give the job a go myself.
Removed the wheel arch plastic moulding,which exposed the water reservoir container.Attached to this was the small electric motor.Reseated connectors - No joy. Smacked motor with a screwdriver and "hey presto" - All now working ! Well chuffed with myself.
Pug 605 - Windscreen Washer motor - smokie
Nice one Mike
Pug 605 - Windscreen Washer motor - DL
lol.......the Peugeot 605 and the word 'Electrics' strike the fear of god into me!

groups.msn.com/honestjohn - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Pug 605 - Windscreen Washer motor - Mikek
I shall be making a "donation" to my local curry and ale house tonight with the money saved by having a go and doing this myself. Wonder how much a Pug garage would have charged for this ?
Pug 605 - Windscreen Washer motor - Mondaywoe
Congrats, Mike - do hope it's a permanent solution, though. I had a few problems with the washers on my Xantia and the reservoir was in a similar position - behind arch liner way down below offside headlight - a pain to get at. Once or twice I tore everything out and cleaned pipes, terminals etc and thought it was hunky dory only for it to conk out again a week or so later. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was sucking muck out of the bottom of the tank and blocking the pump because the strange thing was the back washers would be fine and the front ones wouldn't work. Both were served by the same pump!!!! I reckoned the pump was reversed to serve the back and in so doing it pushed the debris past a non return valve somewhere. To this day I'm not sure if that was the answer but eventually it sorted itself and worked fine thereafter.

I wondered too if mixing types of windscreen wash caused a reaction that produced 'gunk'. Anybody come across this?


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