Urgent. Escort help please! - StephenM

Does anyone know the reason for the following or if not point me in the right direction of a forum/BBS that could help:

early 90\'s Escort Diesel 1.8 non turbo

Heater cold - tried flushing cooling system thoroughly including flushing the heater matrix directly.
New thermostat.

Still cold

However every now and then (before and after the above) the heater would come back to life and go back to normal, the following day - back to cold.

Totally baffled and would appreciate any help - especially at this time of year! :-(


Please reply here or email me as soon as you can if possible to Lotuselises2@aol.com

Urgent. Escort help please! - Richteo
Sorry I can\'t help but the discussion board of this site can be helpful:


Urgent. Escort help please! - Hawesy1982
Sorry im absolutely no help either, but my Pug 306 D Turbo has just yesterday started doing exactly this aswell, no idea why but then currently my car's components seem to be taking turns in failing anyway.

However 12am last night 45miles from home in pouring rain with 5 in the car whilst aquaplaning on the M25 at 60mph wasn't an ideal time!
Urgent. Escort help please! - DL
Does hot water flow through the matrix at all times - i.e no on/off valve?

Do the hoses to and from the matrix appear hot to touch?

Sounds like an air lock to me, on both counts.

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Urgent. Escort help please! - jc
Escort do not have a water valve in the heater;it's an air-blend heater.ie.the heater matrix is always hot and the hot and cold air streams are blended.To get rid of air in the heater make sure the hoses are fitted correctly.Return hose to the engine is the upper of the two pipes-then run engine at 4,000 rpm+ for about 30 secs.
Urgent. Escort help please! - Civic8
That doe`s not make sense.if the output from the matrix is the upper pipe it`s opposing the cold.in other words the cold water is trying to rise which it cannot do that will prevent the hot from passing through the matrix maybe thats the problem
Urgent. Escort help please! - Robin the Technician
Hi Stephen,
This sounds very much like you have an air lock in the matrix. Before starting up, with the engine cold, slacken one of the heater hoses at the bulkhead end so it can be easily pulled off. Start the engine and just pull off the hose slightly to see if there is air in the system. When you are satisfied the liquid contains no air, replace hose and switch engine off immediately. Re-tighten the hose and carry out the same procedure with the other hose. You should by now have eliminated any air lock in the system. When the engine has been warmed up, feel both hoses to establish if they are both warm. If they are both warm it means hot water is circulating round through the heater.

Hope this helps

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Urgent. Escort help please! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Had EXACTLY the same problem with a 306 turbodiesel last week. Disconnected the heater hoses on the passenger side of the bulkhead and put a hose on to backflush it. Big gob of something horrible burst out and then water ran clear. Heater works fine now.
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Urgent. Escort help please! - StephenM
I have tried flushing the matrix and have checked at both ends the pipes are red hot either side?????
Urgent. Escort help please! - Robin the Technician
If the pipes are hot, then the water flow through the heater is working. I know it might sound daft but its worth checking the operation of the controls. You might have a vent closed off preventing air to flow into the car. What happens with the blower on? Can you feel any air at the base of the heater??

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
Urgent. Escort help please! - DysonC
Quite a few cars have a temperature dependant valve that prevents flow through the matrix when cold (even if hot it selected on the controls). I have known these to malfunction, or stop working completely. I don't know if your model has one, but its worth checking.
Urgent. Escort help please! - StephenM
Its wprth checking, where abouts might this valve be?
Urgent. Escort help please! - pettaw
If both hoses are red hot, you've got good flow through the matrix, I think the escorts use an air valve system, whereby the heater control mixes fresh air with hot air from the matrix. The valve may have seized up

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