Chesterfield - most stupid junction? - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
I was in Chesterfield one Saturday recently, felt peckish, and turned off to the McDonald's (yes, I know) near the cinema.
Saw the length of the queue, so decided to give it a miss.

Between turning off the main road, going round the car park, and rejoining the main road took nearly an hour!

I couldn't see any roadworks, just a stupidly-designed junction, and vehicles jumping red lights out of frustration.

Is it always that bad? And if so, can I nominate it as the stupidest junction in the country?
Chesterfield - most stupid junction? - Sooty Tailpipes
"Responses to these exercises confirmed that an incremental, balanced approach, introducing restraint-based measures make alternatives to the car more attractive"

I guess you were being restrained by our communist state?

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