formula 1 autocentres - mark495
any one had any experiences with f1 autocentres? especially southend branch
formula 1 autocentres - Dizzy {P}
I had an incredibly bad experience with F1 about seven years ago, so much so that they have never left my 'avoid at all costs' list. I can't tell you what they are like today.
formula 1 autocentres - mark495
what was the bad experience btw??
formula 1 autocentres - cockle {P}
Yes. SWMBO had a good experience at Southend with good service,but.....
several friends were very surprised and said that if they'd known she was thinking of using them they would have advised against having had either very poor service or the usual fast-fit patter re shocks, brakes, etc.
I think a case of you pays your money you takes your chances.

formula 1 autocentres - mark495
i saw the advert on line for an oil and filter change for 14.95, id normally do it myself but seemed a good price and would save getting my hands dirty, i can just see the - ohh new shocks, tyres etc before i leave with a bill 10 times what i expect to pay
formula 1 autocentres - smokie
When I go to KwikFit for the Mobil 1 change I always tell them not to bother trying to sell me anything else..
formula 1 autocentres - mark495
does it work?
formula 1 autocentres - smokie
Usually. I stay with the car and point things out to them before they can point them out to me...

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