Petrol Fumes in J Reg BMW - Jvb
Dear All,

I own a '92 J reg 1.6 BMW. Over the last few days there has been a very strong smell of petrol inside the car, there appear to be no obvious leaks.

Has anyone had a car of this type and age with a problem of this type and if so what was the solution, 'cos we're scratching our heads a bit - Thanks for any helpful comments,

Petrol Fumes in J Reg BMW - SjB {P}
I have no experience with this car, but did help solve a 'petrol fumes inside the cabin' problem with another car, once, which also had no visible leak.

The cause was that the plastic plate (about the size of a saucer) on top of the fuel tank, through which the fuel feed and return pipes were fed, had a hair line split. Replacement was easy peasy in this case, because the plate in question was accessed simply by removing the rear seat squab. It goes without saying (so just like my mother I will say it anyway) to take extreme care not just with liquid petrol, but especially with petrol vapour inside the car. We had all doors and their windows open, plus the hatchback, and chose a breezy day to work. No power tools, not even a leccy screwdriver, and the battery was disconnected under the bonnet before we started unplugging fuel pipes. May be overkill, but I'm still alive, so I don't care!
Petrol Fumes in J Reg BMW - Jvb
Thank you very much for this suggestion, we'll take a look - Thanks,

Petrol Fumes in J Reg BMW - David Horn
Don't smoke in the car? My Astra would give off petrol fumes when driving down steep hills with a full tank.
Petrol Fumes in J Reg BMW - billy25
hi jvb,
i had this problem last year,on my old triumph pi.found the fault was a pin-hole on one of the injector lines under the bonnet, didn't leak with engine off, but sprayed a very fine mist into engine compartment when engine running.this was being picked up by the heater air intake and being blown into the cabin. may not be your problem,but something else to check.


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