VX Omega 2.5 V6 Headgasket probs - omegav6cdx

I have a 2.5 v6 CDX omega on a M 1995.
It started showing signs of headgasket failure (oil in water, not oil cooler). I took the heads off to discover both gaskets were blown. I renewed the gaskets, cambelt( inc tentioners) and had the heads skimmed. i put it all back together and found it didnt run. I checked the timing and its exact, and also compression. I have a consistant reading of 130 psi on all 6 cyl.
The car will run on all 6 cyl but requires a lot of cranking to start it, it wont idle either. runs sweet when started. I have tried changing the crank position sensor, still no luck. My friend has a Vectra with the same prob, Is this a common fault after headgasket jobs? Both cars overheated badly.


VX Omega 2.5 V6 Headgasket probs - KM
I'm no expert, but my first thought is about the sealing rings inbetween the inlet manifold sections. Did you renew them, could it be too much air getting in? Then again I had a Cavalier that would not idle properly due to an exhaust manifold gasket leak!
VX Omega 2.5 V6 Headgasket probs - DL
Definately sounds like an air leak or a vacuum sensing hose not correctly fitted.

Best of luck.

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