better than telly - El Hacko
For at least 2 years I have been enjoying this Site, and now realise it has become an important part of my life's entertainment (as well as being highly informative).
In fact, I now watch far less TV and often prefer my PC screen. Wonder how many other BRs have seen their habits change? And which (printable) ones?
Come on - this could be another candidate for the Ton-Up Thread Club!
better than telly - Arfur
Since the advent of broadband I've stopped turning PC's off. I have a laptop on the network which sit permanently on the arm of the sofa. Whenever SWMBO is watching the TV I can comfortably have a surf. Never have to argue about what to watch on the TV.
The only problem is that she has discovered the internet of late and that sometimes I have to go upstairs and use one of the other PC's
better than telly - Dynamic Dave
Just a reminder to everyone that this is a motoring related forum, and unless the replies to this latest thread are of a motoring related theme, it will get deleted.

One can only take so many \"how old\" and \"where are you from\" threads. Before you know it you lot will be asking what size shoes we wear, and what colour underpants we\'re wearing. And no, that isn\'t an invitation to disclose that info either.

DD. BR Moderator.
better than telly - Pugugly {P}
Top Gear is back tomorrow.Looking forward, a sure sign that Winter is on the way ! I admit to surfing whilst watching it.
The Underpant thread (oo'er) - smokie
Green. Same as my wife's car.
The Underpant thread (oo'er) - El Hacko
better kill it, DD - it ain't gonna work

Devastated of Epsom
The Underpant thread (oo'er) - smokie
Sorry, couldn't resist...
better than telly - lezebre
Shows how unpredictable posting can be El Hacko,
you wondered if you'd get the magic 100 replies, and after nearly twenty four hours you've got one third the amount of a thread on Austin Maestros!!!
better than telly - El Hacko
indeed it does, but you canna place a value on the anticipation/excitement involved, eh
better than telly - HF
Ok, I feel sorry for EH now - so will just say that, since first visiting this site, TV has almost become unknown to me (apart from Eastenders, of course).

I know it's got to be a motoring thing, so I will say, in all honesty, that since visiting here I have developed an interest in cars and how they work that I never had before. I'm still c**p with them, but I am still trying to learn. And will continue to do so.

That really is down to the HJ site, and all the help and advice I have found here so far.

better than telly - El Hacko
answering my own question. I suppose one habit that some people may have dropped is immedaitely turning to a professional as soon as a car problem emerges - all thanks to the wealth and range of expertise available here.
TV? This is a site for sore eyes....
better than telly - Vansboy
HF, did you ever see the L reg Royal Mail Escort van in Eastenders? Not sure if there's an active character, playing a postman, even?

For authenticity, it was ACTUAL property of The Post Office & sold of at Colchester auctions, after covering just 216 miles!!

Someone got a 'brand new' old van for £3250 + VAT !!!

Not owning a TV set, I don't find it interupts my on-line time, incedently!!

better than telly - El Hacko
now there's a potentially interesting question: how many BRs DON'T have a TV set at home? To watch Top Gear etc, you'll surely need a series of tolerant pals.
better than telly - Rob the Bus {P}
Vansboy, I can't say I ever noticed it, but will keep my eyes peeled in future for anything similar.

We only just have a TV at home, as it's on its last legs, and to watch it you need the patience of a saint to bear with the scrolling and toilet noises which emerge from time to time. Can't say I'd really miss it though, as long as I still have the BR. (creep aren't I?!)



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