Converting volvo 940 to gas - John Timms
I have a Volvo 940 "Celebration" with the 2.4 low pressure turbocharged engine. on enquiring about converting to run on gas I have had various opinions from; "No problem" to don't attempt it" Has anyone converted to gas? how successful is it? any problems? and how much should it be costing me!!
RE: Converting volvo 940 to gas - Andrew Bairsto
The problem using gas in the UK is that it is not cost effective ,both the cost of installation and the deteriation in performance .If it were cost effective every taxi in the land would use it. However here in Germany were we have a choice of Earth gas or propane it is a different ball game.
regards Andy Bairsto.
RE: Converting volvo 940 to gas - Jaap Van Der pijl
where would they put the luggage in the Taxi if it were converted to run on LPG - this needs its own seperate ( bulky ) tank.......

Germans ?
RE: Converting volvo 940 to gas - Tristan Chaize
There are only 2 problems with Gas.
1) Where to get it.
2) Where to put the tank.

The answer to the first is ""
The answer to the second is in the boot unless you can afford some fancy tanks underneath.

As to whether it is cost effective, it is HALF the price of petrol. On a decent sized engine any slight loss of performance is minimal.

Get a quote for fitting in your area, and then try a fax to "" though you will have to get the car to Northumberland. Spend the day seeing Hadrian's wall while it is fitted. He may lend you a car if you ask nicely. He has a small garage, has just been on an official course and has done a Rang Rover, a BMW 325 and a Mercedes 3 litre estate, all with no problem.

Remember, Taxis set off the cost of fuel against tax and claim the VAT back. Fuel only costs them 1/2 price.
Also, you can't go on the Chunnel with gas. Long live the boats.
Re: Converting volvo 940 to gas - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Try Crawley Auto Gas 07976 366726

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