A Fair Swap?? - Cheeky
In due course I am going to replace my much loved 1998 Audi A6 saloon. Lexus are doing very competitive deals on the IS 200 & 300 range, and offered a high part-ex price for the A6.
I won't need anything as big as the A6 any more, so does the IS200/300 seem like a good bet? Loaded with goodies, slick 6 speed manual. Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks.
A Fair Swap?? - tunacat
The Lexus is very well-regarded, but some think the 200 could do with more power (or torque).

What deals are available on the new Honda Accord, Toyota Avensis, Jaguar X-type?...
A Fair Swap?? - apm
Or have a look at the new Saab 9-3 saloon. Looks good (IMO), very nicely put together and extremely rapid in Aero form. Also excellent handling, and well-reviewed by HJ- see the road test on this site.

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A Fair Swap?? - DavidHM
Spending £20k+ on a compact executive saloon must be a very pleasant experience and there are no bad cars, or at least none of the obvious choices are. Buy purely on personal taste and drive as many as you feel the need.
A Fair Swap?? - Anglesey Ian
Ditto apm

Bought my 2001 Saab 9.3 Tid in May this year and enjoy (almost) every journey.

Given my critical nature, it says a lot that I can't find much
to fault it.
A Fair Swap?? - Maz
The Lexus is king of customer satisfaction polls. Make of that what you will and ensure a thorough test drive, but sleepless nights would be few.

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