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Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - Andy G
My other half just got a new Freelander and opted for the Park Distance Control (PDC) sensors to be fitted by the dealer. Trouble is, they don't seem to be working properly: When reverse is engaged in the middle of a flat empty carpark, the system beeps at about 1 beep per second. When reversing towards a wall, and in the 'beeping' zone for the sensors, the beeping will stop if the vehicle is stopped. And generally the system is erratic and unreliable. Trying to get it fixed at the moment, but local dealer refuses to accept that the system is behaving abnormally.

And I _know_ you don't need reversing sensors if you can drive properly, but having had the benefit of them on a Ford Explorer when on holiday in Canada, I must say they are handy (especially on big vehicles) as you can watch the front and mirrors when reversing out of tight car park spaces while the beeping is watching your back.

The system on the (US/Canadian) Explorer was excellent (even giving a tripple beep warning if someone walked behind the stationary vehicle when reverse is selected). Anyone know who made it? Being as Ford own Landrover, I had expected it to be the same system, which was why I went for a dealer fit.
Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - RogerL
Fistly, Ford hasn't done very much development with the Freelander since buying L-R so don't expect Ford components.

Has your Freelander had a tow-bar fitted since delivery? If so, this is the cause. Most manufacturers will not accept an order for rear parking sensors AND tow-bar as the tow-bar triggers the sensors. Aftermarket tow-bar suppliers don't care whether the vehicle has rear parking sensors fitted. Changing to a detachable tow-bar may sort the problem.
Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - DL
Ah, the system in question is pretty unreliable from my experience.....your best option is to return it to the dealer as politely ask for it to be fixed.

I would never (from experience) recommend Dealer-fit PDC.....read into that what you like....
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Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - Andy G
No towbar fitted, though one of the four sensors is fitted below the spare wheel, which may be a problem, I dunno. Been doing a little digging today and discovered that system is BMW sourced. Taking back to dealer that fitted it on Thursday, and hopeful of getting it fixed. Local dealer absolutely no interest in fault-finding on two visits so far. Really made me mad! "It looks like it's fitted OK, so it _must_ be working. Go away and stop bothering us!" In hind-sight I'd probably have gone 3rd party fit, but we went for the least hassle. I'll let you know if it gets sorted.
Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - DL
BMW system? Ah, that'll be the same as the Rover 75 then.

'Nuff said

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Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - RogerL
Why does BMW quality have an image of good engineering when in reality is prone to failure, while other German manufacturers like Ford and GM are rubbished but go on almost forever?
Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - Andy G
Well, Taunton LR customer service much better. Got some good feedback, and an acknowledgement of the fault. They replaced the whole system with a new one off the shelf, but it's only marginally better. Dealer phoned LR technical dept, and found that it's a known thing that the sensors don't work too well on the Freelander (fine on Discovery though), and indeed seems to pick up erroneous signals from the road surface, possibly due to the height of fitment. Performed better on concrete service bay floor than on tarmac carpark, where you'd get a spurious signal even though nothing is behind.

I'm getting a 3rd party (Quanan 2040S) system in to fit in replacement to the BMW system, and we'll see how that performs in comparison...
Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - Aprilia
Andy G

I have fitted a variety of these sensor systems and many do suffer from spurious refections from coarse road surfaces. A partial solution is to angle the sensor upwards by 5-15 degrees (experiment a bit).

To be honest, the best system I've found is also one of the cheapest - the 'Brees' system. They come in either 'stick on' or 'through hole' mounting varieties. I got a few sets off e-bay for about £35. I suspect the sensors and basic technology are the same as the 'Quanan' systems. I just checked and there are some on today at £29.95 (different seller to the one I got mine from though). Do a search on "reversing sensor".
Reversing Sensors on a Freelander - Andy G
Just an update: Ordered a Quanan 4 sensor system (with display). Dealer fitted. (However seem to have scratched paint on rear door in process - unfortunately I didn't notice until got home).

Sensors perform much better, though beep is a bit strangled sounding. Have to go back AGAIN, as the new sensors were fitted in with the old sensors in the old bumber to test.

But, they work much better. Dealer remarked that it looked like better kit than they were fitting, interestingly. And for £99 quid!

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