Police Awareness - ianhad
Yesterday evening, 18:20, Barkingside "High St.", panda car in front of me allows a car to U-turn, from the opposite side of the road, to in front of the police car. While doing so, a car aproaching with dazzling Fog Lights on, pulled into the vacated parking place. Are U-Turns allowed? Fog Lights are not. Comments?
Police Awareness - Bilgewater
I didn,t think it was breaking any law to do a u turn on a single carriageway road.
The law on foglights used to be that they could only be used in fog if they were mounted low down, but could be used any time if they were a stipulated height above the road.
I'm not sure if that still applies.

Police Awareness - frostbite
Will this thread title be added to Growler's famed list of oxymorons?
Police Awareness - Sooty Tailpipes
I went to the POLICE station last week, the first time, I waited half an hour of pressing the buzzer and gave up (next time I'll take a starting pistol and fire off a few rounds to get them out the back)

The next day, I went, well, it was like being served in a burger bar, they are obviously getting a lot of funding through the New Deal scheme.
Police Awareness - Bilgewater
I live near a bridge with a 3 tonne max gross weight limit, but about 20 hgv's a day ignore the limit. One day I watched a truck cross over the bridge with a police car following. It nearly collided with another truck coming in the opposite direction, and I thought "NICK NICK", but the police car continued on its way.
I'd previously mentioned the problem to my local police and was told they didn't have the manpower to monitor the bridge.
Police Awareness - volvoman
Very annoying I agree BW - however, as mentioned in another thread "police priorities" ?? that car may well have been on it's way to another incident. By stopping and booking the HGV driver it would have made you feel better but very probably wound up those waiting for it elsewhere who may well then have complained about the police wasting time booking drivers and not attending to 'real crimes'. None of us here know what the police in that car were doing or where they were going so we can only guess. The point I'm making is that the police have a very tough job trying to keep everybody happy and will often get criticised no matter what they do.
Police Awareness - mechanisedmyth
Maybe it\'s anything for an easy life or maybe to keep a life ! The U turn suspect was probably some selfish lazy person who wouldn\'t benefit from a \"word\" anyway. The fog light driver wasobably a drug dealer with an ounce of crack and a gun and not afraid to use it ..... policing can be tough!

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