Mercedes G-wagen - David Millar
Anyone out there with experience with the Mercedes G-wagen. I am contemplating the cheaper selectable 4WD version built before 1990 but still around £4000-6000 for the later ones. I have my eyes on a LWB manual 5-cylinder 300GD but would the 280 petrol (automatic) be easier to live with. I nearly bought a very smart black diesel soft top a few years ago but had higher mileage requirements then and it was going to be too slow for everyday use. The VW Tristar I bought instead was a fantastic vehicle but had to go when the 2-year warranty expired and I was looking at hefty bills on my own (eg ECU under warranty £1300).

Non-dealer Mercedes parts prices I can probably live with for DIY repairs if not too frequent and don't involve baffling electronics. There are usually a few petrol and diesel G-wagens under £6000 and under 100K around with fsh. Any thoughts, or a better alternative for occasionally towing up to 1.6t and trundling down (no trailer) to the Pyrenees in winter. Must be long-lived and simple to diagnose and maintain.


Re: Mercedes G-wagen - andy bairsto
The G wagon is the ultimate practical 4x4 built by STYRE in Austria.They are built to last two life times,they are so over engineered it is a wonder they ever fail.Rust can be a problem on wings of older models but all parts are easily changed ,I would definitly go for the diesel model as the petrol versions can be very thirsty especially the 500.They are quiet where other 4x4s are noisy ,they drive extremely well ,towing is a dream and with new price tag in Germany from around 50000ukp upwards not very cheap but will out live 5 range rovers.My advice buy it.
regards Andy Bairsto
Re: Mercedes G-wagen - Ian Cook

If this is anything like the G plate diesel G-Wagen (non turbo, I think) I got stuck behind in Shropshire a couple of years ago then the best place for it is on the dealer's forecourt.

I couldn't believe the lack of grunt this thing had on hills and the amount of road space it took up. Some of these enviromental-armageddon sheds just shouldn't be allowed on the roads. I'm usually quite tolerant, by the way.

Re: Mercedes G-wagen - Andy Gayle
Hi David,

I have one of these models. A 300gd lwb, and I love it to bits. You will never set the world alight with land speed records. But it will get you to Bancock and back no trouble. They are a little thirsty on diesel But if you go for the 280ge. You better get BP to organise a tanker to follow you round. The g wagon will pulll anything, for any amount of time. So long as you have plenty of time to get there. They are the bees knees off road. There is nothing to touch them. Of course this is what they were made for. If you do buy one. Give it a good check over or get somebody to do it for you. Make sure the gear box, transfer box, and all the propshafts are ok. No free play.

Hope I have been of some help.

Re: Mercedes G-wagen - David Millar
Thanks for those comments. They reinforce what I already suspected but it is good to have confirmation--even about the lack of speed. It's surely how you conduct the vehicle that makes itinto a mobile chicane or not. The G-wagen is taller but not as wide as some off-roaders. I had a Land Rover Carawagon about 10 years ago, fitted with a Perkins 4203 engine and Range Rover diffs. It was never happy above 55mph but never knowingly caused anyone grief at traffic lights or whatever provided you weren't dreaming.

Re: Mercedes G-wagen - David Woollard
I am very keen on the Land Rover as the ultimate rugged/high towing capacity/long lasting/repairable vehicle. But we have used our various LRs as third vehicles and rarely go more than 10 miles on the road.

A contact in the construction business had similar needs but didn't want his fillings shaken out, big chap/big trailers, and he has happily run diesel G-Wagens for 15 years.

Re: Mercedes G-wagen - chris watson
remember to got a hpi check and AA inspection, a few of these cars are from farms in the yorkshire dale (very popular there).

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