Present for old geezer - Vin {P}
My Father-in-Law is 80 in the New Year and we're looking for a present for him.

What we're looking for is a factory tour of a motor manufacturer; our problem is who will do it. We considered Jaguar, but they only extend the courtesy to people planning to buy one (the idea that I might go with him, be impressed and buy one in five years is apparently ignored). I could lie, but I don't want F-i-L to feel uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any experience of factory tours? If so, how did you get on them?

Any help gratefully received.

Present for old geezer - No Do$h
I would have thought the less mainstream manufacturers may have been your best bet. Morgan and TVR spring to mind as offering tours, alebit subject to a little charm being applied.

Failing that, many of the kit manufacturers offer tours. springs to mind, makers of argualbly the best cobra replica there is (if you exclude Hawk and their aluminium bodied beasties)

A quick search on google using "Factory Tour" and "car" may turn up some info, after a bit of trawling.
Present for old geezer - Orson {P}
Try Bentley, they do them quite regularly for the Bentley Drivers Club and others: mostly people like me with old ones and nothing like the notes needed for a new one! I'd have thought they'd be quite happy, especially if you offer to hook onto an existing tour that they're doing. The lady that organises the "Crewe Experience" is Jane Mulatero. Haven't got a number to hand, but would have thought the switchboard ought to be able to raise her.

Have fun,

Present for old geezer - GrumpyOldGit
Another forum I use arranged a tour of MG-Rover at Longbridge. Have a go at contacting them via their web site. Very interesting and well worth doing.
Present for old geezer - Andrew-T
I have toured the Peugeot plant at Ryton with a group from Peugeot Club UK. They are clearly geared up for it with a hospitality suite etc, but I don't know how big a group must be to be considered. Why not ask?
Present for old geezer - Vin {P}
Thanks for all the suggestions; I think I'll just have to try calling around. I'll post with the results in case anyone can use the information.


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