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can anyone enlighten me. we hear that 100k is supposedly high mileage but then and again others beg to differ. can any of you experts out there tell me what is considered as high and very high mileage for a diesel engine. steve.
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It's about time the general public accept the fact that, as long as cars have frequent oil changes, cam belts (inc. tensioners) are renewed according to the manufacturers schedules & they are warmed up on most journeys, modern vehicles will pass 100k miles with ease!

But try telling that to the 'Arthur Daleys' when it comes to trade in time...
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I sold a 1.1 Fiesta with 156,000ml. All it had was a new set of std. rings on the std.pistons around 120,000 and was still running well.I still have Sierra XR4i with 150,000-no engine work.I scrapped a Panda at 176,000 because of terminal door rot but mechanically excellent.We have had experience of Escort diesels going onto 300,000-500,000ml.without problems-just routine maintenance.
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I sold my "old" BX diesel to a colleague at 170k, he took it to over 200k before he sold it on. I have just sold my "new " BX with 143k on the clock to another colleague who tells me it cruises nicely on the motorway at 90 mph!
You might also be interested in this, posted on a BX messageboard last year (I kept it to quote to people who say Cits are carp!!)
Posted by Mike 1703 on September 24, 2002, 12:58 pm , in reply to "Perfect car?"
I drive a BX diesel which I use as a taxi. It's my 5th. BX 19 diesel & all gave me the greatest satisfaction in both reliability & economy. I still have my 1987 BX which I cannibalise for spares, not that I need many. It was retired for 'scrap' after a crash @ 350,000 miles. It's replacement was sold off for less than the value of its parts @ 450,000 miles; one has been retired to my driveway @ 740,000miles & my current workhorse is now @ 380,000 miles. I've never changed a wheel-bearing, only one gearbox and a few suspension bits; one major engine overhaul; two head-jobs but never a tow-home failure [unless you count the one time I let the cam-belt snap!]. Why is it Ford drivers keep telling me 'You've just been luck mate' which is usually followed by 'anyway, no car can do that sort of mileage, who are you trying to kid'!
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Customer of ours has a 309TD with 249,000 miles still runs sweetly and passes the MOT with minimal fuss.

Amazing, innit?
high mileage diesels - Hugo {P}
I've posted this several times before but -

My N Reg 2.4T Renault Trafic Van now has 185000 on the clock.

It's about due for a service now (must do it!), but it still starts every time, despite my not using it for weeks at a time at the moment. It is the first diesel I have owned, and I was converted!

My K reg Discovery TDi has 94K on the clock and runs like a dream.

Of course, if you have a petrol and look after it there should be no reason why these would not carry on for a couple of hundred K.

Unfortunately, the biggest reason why cars reach the end of their lives is due to failure of other components and rust.


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
high mileage diesels - LongDriver {P}
"My K reg Discovery TDi has 94K on the clock and runs like a dream."

Fixed now then is it????

high mileage diesels - hamsterdangler
The questions are--- Who made the engine, was it serviced frequently and did they use the correct oil.

I run a 2000 Mercedes Sprinter CDI with 232000 miles on the clock and it still runs as sweet as a nut. never had the head or sump off. I have another Sprinter with over 270000 miles with the same sweet engine. Quieter than any new Ford diesel. Regular service with quality oil. I know of specimens with over 460000 miles on original engine. They can take some 80000 miles to run in after which time they use less fuel and oil.

I suggest that it is better to buy a high mileage regularly used vehicle than a lower mileage vehicle which when used infrequently and for short journeys is likely to have had a high level of water in the oil as a combustion by product which can drastically increase engine wear.
high mileage diesels - daryld

So can someone tell me what the expected life (in miles) is for the:

1. Water Pump,
2. Clutch,
3. Alternator and
4. Injection pump

..on a gently-driven VW diesel that spends all its life going up and down an A-road @ 60MPH with negligible stop-start traffic, 90 miles per day? I get 78 MPG per tankful, every tank full. Oil and Filter changed with semi-synthetic every 5000 miles.

Feedback very much appreciated!
high mileage diesels - Simon Collier
Over the years I've had a few diesels, always 'old' and always over 100k. The majority have been the Peugeot/Citroen 1.9.

Talbot Horizon with above engine - 90k, superb engine, died of rust
BX 1.9 - 180k but did need a new head along the way, engine still going very well when sold
Xantia 1.9TD - 135k - dodgy central locking, but engine good.
Old '96 A6 2.5TDI 140hp 6 speed. Wonderful car, faster & more economical than the Xantia & a joy to own, until I crashed it at 160k a couple of months back. Glad it was the Audi and not the Xantia...
'95 Xantia 1.9TD LX - 160k and used for daily commute Oxford - Solihull (140 per day). This has had new front discs, 4 sphere's and rear height adjuster this year. 2004 should see it top 200k

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