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After the thread on the new Shell petrol (which I am not going to use from last experience). I decided to see how the motorcycle would do on 97 Octane unleaded rather than the 95 I normally use. The bike normally does about 40.5 mpg, after one tank full I have 41.2 mpg. Not enough miles yet to get a good result I know, but with the price difference of 8p I need to get 44.5 mpg to make it worth it. Anyway filled up with premium again tonight, tank down to its last ltr., so it should be a reasonable test over the next 180 miles or so. It doesnt even seem any smoother. I will let you know what happens.

I know 40mpg from a bike seems lousy, but it seems to do around about that from around town upto 120/130. After that it falls off lowest about 32mpg speeds over 125-155. One of Motorcyle mags had less than 30 in France on a looney trip.

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Bill, don't know much about bikes, so excuse my ignorance, but does the bikes ignition timing get altered automatically to realise the benefit of the higher octane fuel or do you have to adjust it manulally?
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Good point, I havn't a clue, but being as its the model before injection I suspect not, I will look into it and let you know.


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