Nissan Micra Air Flow Meter - Mu
Help! My L reg micra's air flow meter has given up the ghost,and to have it mended with new parts will be £600 apparently, ouch. I know nothing about cars at all - is an air flow meter something I could get from a scrappy do you think? Thanks for any help; really need to sort my car but can't afford £600 at the moment...
Nissan Micra Air Flow Meter - Aprilia
bba-reman do them for about £200, I think. Aparently there is company in Nottingham that will do a repair on your old unit for about £60 - unfortunately I don't know the company name, but you could try a web search.
ATP at Hednesford probably repair them too.
Nissan Micra Air Flow Meter - elekie&a/c doctor
If your symptoms are lack of power & hesitation,it is usually airflow meter at fault.They can normally be repaired by competant tech/electrical person who can remove unit,strip it & solder electrial printed circuit board.I have fixed loads of these with v. good results.Don,t use s/hand units ,they all have same probs.
Nissan Micra Air Flow Meter - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Aprilia is on the spot with suggesting BBA-reman. Their telephone number is 01634 230055. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Regards, Adam
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Nissan Micra Air Flow Meter - SteveH42
Interesting to see how much mark-up there is on units like this. We manufacture flowmeters for industry and £600 would get you a mangy-bronze unit suitable for use in all sorts of horrible environments. Build cost for these units is around £200 - the unit you are after will be far cheaper to produce, especially considering they'll be in much larger volumes than we do.
Nissan Micra Air Flow Meter - Aprilia
You are on a different planet when talking about mark-up on spares. I work in the industry and would guess the AFM's cost under £10 to make.

One company I did some work for a few years ago was buying in a small motor from a Swiss company for about £2 (it was pretty good quality, even at that price). I was told that as a dealer spare it sold for something over £100! Another part I once got involved with was an ABS sensor - cost about £1 to the manfr. - dealer spare part cost over £100. Cost and price are not really related - you are paying for it to be available.

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